About Us


ACORN QLD Inc. is the professional perioperative nursing association, facilitating and promoting excellence in safe patient care for all Queenslanders.

Mission Statement

To engage and empower our members to advance and promote excellence in perioperative practice through all professional standards.

Our Purpose is to:

  • Provide a voice for all perioperative nurses in Queensland

  • Provide a professional network and resources to unite perioperative nurses throughout Queensland

  • Develop, advocate, lead and nurture perioperative nurses through professional development, education and research opportunities

  • Provide expert advise to other professional bodies on issues concerning perioperative nursing practice in Queensland

  • Collaborate with national and international professional bodies on matters pertaining to perioperative nursing practice

ACORN Queensland History

Our organisation was originally formed 1972 with only a few members, and was formerly known as the Perioperative Nurses Association of Queensland (PNAQ).  In 2015 a decision was made to work towards amalgamation of the various regional branches around the state into one state body.  This vision came to fruition in Oct 2017 when we officially became know as the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses Queensland (ACORN QLD).   We currently have over 1500 members who work in perioperative facilities throughout the state.

ACORN Queensland Life Members and Fellows

Members who have made an outstanding contribution to the perioperative nursing profession and their local association are awarded life membership. The following are life members.

ACORN Queensland (formerly Perioperative Nurses Association of Queensland, PNAQ) 

  • Linley Bates
  • Brigid Gillespie
  • Judith Hewett
  • Lynette Hill
  • Eleanor Irwin - deceased 2015
  • Joy Jensen
  • Jo-Ann McNaughton
  • Ruth Melville
  • Heather Moon
  • Cheryl O'Brien
  • Narelle Sommerfeld
  • Wenda Young - deceased 2018
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