About the Standards

ACORN's vision is for Australian patients to receive the safest and highest quality perioperative care in the world. Upholding standards for practice define us as a community of perioperative nursing professionals dedicated to providing care of a high quality.

The ACORN Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia (ACORN Standards) constitutes the specialty knowledge of the perioperative nursing community in Australia and represents the accepted standard for professional practice. Individual standards are regularly reviewed and updated by teams of reviewers according to a rigorous, structured process managed by the Professional Standards Officer and the Standards Committee. 

Accessibility to the Standards is of paramount importance to ACORN so electronic versions of revised or new standards are made available four times a year, as well as the biennial print edition.

ACORN released the current 15th edition in May 2018. It included a new standard and a new guideline, three revised standards, a revised nursing role, a revised guideline and a revised position statement. They are:

  • Management of the Post Anaesthesia Care Unit (released in electronic format in October 2016)
  • Preoperative patient skin antisepsis (released in electronic format in August 2017)
  • Single use items (released in electronic format in October 2017)
  • Instrument nurse role
  • Risk management
  • Safe patient positioning in the perioperative environment
  • Management of clinical images in the perioperative environment (new guideline)
  • Management of hypothermia in the perioperative environment (new standard).

The launch of next hardcopy edition of the Standards is on schedule for May 2020 to coincide with the Conference 2020 in Sydney.

ACORN is always looking to build upon and improve the ACORN Standards as well as improving their use by perioperative nurses. Please provide ACORN with your feedback.