About course accreditation


ACORN is committed to supporting continuing professional development (CPD) for perioperative nurses and others affiliated with perioperative nursing. To this end ACORN has offered formal accreditation for perioperative education and training that meets ACORN's requirements.

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Changes from August 2020

In August 2020, ACORN's Board of Directors decided to wind down ACORN's course accreditation service. ACORN will continue to honour its existing obligations for currently accredited courses but is no longer accepting applications for accreditation of new courses or renewing accreditation for existing courses.

Currently accredited courses will remain ACORN-accredited and listed on ACORN's website until their accreditation period expires. 

ACORN's decision to stop accrediting courses is consistent with ACORN's overall strategic intent to continue advancing safe, quality perioperative nursing care for Australians. In advancing its mission, ACORN envisages greater diversification of the services and products it offers, including an increase in educational opportunities developed by ACORN. In developing content for future ACORN courses, ACORN must be free from any real or perceived conflict of interest that could arise from accrediting education and training programs developed by other organisations.

In addition, like many small charities responding to unanticipated consequences of COVID-19, ACORN's scarce clinical staff resources are fully deployed assisting members and the course accreditation service is now neither viable nor an organisational priority. 

What about the courses currently accredited by ACORN?

ACORN will continue to honour its existing obligations to the providers of each currently accredited course. Currently accredited courses will remain ACORN-accredited and listed on ACORN's website until their accreditation period expires.

How can I tell if a course is ACORN-accredited?

Current accredited courses are listed on ACORN's website. If a course is not listed there it is not currently accredited. The expiry date of accreditation is included with each course's listing. ACORN's understanding is that all the currently accredited courses will expire between 21 August 2020 and 18 June 2022.

The span of expiry dates reflects a range of accreditation periods. Courses accredited before June 2019 were granted a three-year accreditation period. From 19 June 2019, the maximum accreditation period offered by ACORN was 12 months. During 2020 ACORN granted a few temporary extensions of accreditation for course providers who were in special circumstances while engaged in responding to COVID-19.


For any enquiries regarding a course currently accredited by ACORN, please submit a form here.

Please note: ACORN is no longer accepting applications for accreditation of new courses or renewing accreditation of currently accredited courses.