General Information

What is the ACORN Standards online version? Why is ACORN no longer producing and selling a hard copy of the ACORN Standards?

The ACORN Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia (the ACORN Standards) is the web-based version of the ACORN Standards, 16th edition -- but with regularly updated content and exciting features driven by an online platform. The ACORN Standards, 16th edition is only available as an online version. ACORN did not and has no future plans to produce or sell hard copies of the ACORN Standards. The new 16th edition maintains the same rigorous editorial standards as all previous editions of the ACORN Standards: the authors and co-authors are subject-matter experts, and all content is peer-reviewed by ACORN's Standards Manager/ Editor-in-Chief and subject to Board approval prior to publication. ACORN's leadership believes that the online platform offers exciting benefits to subscribers that are not available in hard copy.

Benefits of the online platform include:

  • Easy search ability: Use the “search” bar to search by topic, and find multiple pages of relevant content quickly and easily (Get tips on searching here)
  • Faster updating: The online platform allows the ACORN Standards to be responsive to changes in the field.
  • Increased accessibility: Read the ACORN Standards when and where you need to, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Print ability: There is currently no option to print chapters on-demand as ACORN has ensured security restrictions reduce the opportunity for users to inadvertently breach copyright or user Terms of Use and Licence.

What’s the best way to read the ACORN Standards?

As an online resource, the ACORN Standards are not designed to be read standard by standard, volume by volume as a book. The best way to use the ACORN Standards is to search by the topic you’re interested in.

To search, click on the small eyeglass icon and enter keywords (e.g., gloves) in the Search Bar. The eyeglass and Search Bar are located on the top left-hand side of every page. You may choose to limit your search by case or by page.

You can also browse individual ACORN Standards by opening the Sidebar in the upper left hand, selecting and clicking on the individual standard according to the alphabetical list showing each standard by volume. However, for best results, we encourage you to search by topic using the Search Bar. Our optimised search tool combs through the Standards in an instant, and shows you all the pages related to your area of interest, so you don’t miss anything.


Why has ACORN increased the price of the new 16th edition of the ACORN Standards and why are hard copies no longer available?

Historically ACORN has charged as much as $295 for members to access previous versions of the ACORN Standards. Further, since 2018 ACORN has progressively invested in operations and staffing for the Standards portfolio. Technological advances including secured access to the Standards and increases in the quality and accuracy of Standard's content have required ACORN to further invest in the ACORN Standards.

Printing quotations and poor and slow sales of printed copies of past ACORN Standards, coupled with an unsteady market and unprecedented financial times dictate that effective from May 2020 ACORN cease offering printed, hard-copies of the ACORN's Standards and adjust Standards pricing consistent with market trends and reflective of the significant capital and human investment by ACORN into the ACORN Standards.

Further ACORN's strategic plan requires ACORN to provide information that guarantees perioperative excellence. Philosophically ACORN's leadership and staff agree that hard copy Standards and tools rapidly and, in some cases, immediately become outdated. By continuing to produce and sell hard copies of their collateral including the ACORN Standards ACORN is self-defeating its stated mission and purpose.

Please be assured that ACORN has received considered feedback from members since the release. This feedback has been taken and noted, and we look forward to sharing with you the developments in that through the Road Map Project 2020-2021. The unplanned 24-hour early bird grace period did enable some subscribers to purchase the 16th edition at 15th edition prices and terms. ACORN has no plans to change the price or the subscription period for the current 16th edition. The next review will be undertaken in May 2022.


Can I still use versions of the ACORN Standards released before the 2020 16th edition?

Each release of a new edition of the ACORN Standards rescinds all previously released editions. ACORN recommends that users do not use any edition of the ACORN Standards other than the current 2020 16th edition. Users are responsible for providing their staff of this requirement. The only purpose for editions 1-15 now are as historic records.


Who determines what goes in the ACORN Standards?

The ACORN Standards content is determined by the ACORN Board of Directors, ACORN staff and volunteer experts in the field of perioperative nursing. The Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor review all content before it is published.


Who writes the ACORN Standards?

The ACORN Standards are written by dozens of authors from various fields related to perioperative nursing. Author and co-author information is located in the acknowledgements section at the end of each standard.

Authors are selected by the Editor-in-Chief and approved by the ACORN Board. Each contributor is an ACORN member and recognized subject-matter experts.



How do I purchase the ACORN Standards?

Access to the ACORN Standards is available via one-year subscriptions. Individual and facility subscriptions are available.

Individuals: First-time, individual subscribers may subscribe online via the ACORN Standards shop If you have additional questions please email the Administration Team.

Facility subscriptions: Facility pricing for multiple users is available. To receive a quote, please complete the assessment. ACORN will then provide you with a quote within 5 business days. Please also feel free to reach out to us via the Administration Team.


Subscription renewals 

My subscription is about to expire. How do I renew it?

One month prior to when your subscription is set to expire, you should receive a renewal notice by email from ACORN. Please respond to renew your subscription. If you have not renewed ACORN will send a further reminder one week prior to your subscription's expiration date

If you have questions about renewal, please email the Administration Team.


Do I have to be an ACORN member to subscribe?

No; the ACORN Standards are available to both ACORN members and non-members. However, members receive a substantial discounted rate.

For more information on ACORN membership, please visit


Accessing the ACORN Standards

How do I access the ACORN Standards?

  • From the ACORN Home page: Log in to your ACORN member account at Members login in the upper right-hand corner. Under the “Standards” tab, hover over the “View ACORN Standards” tab. Click on either "View ACORN Standards (Personal)" or "View ACORN Standards (Facility)". This will redirect you to the agreement page related to your subscription type which you must read and complete your First name, Surname and the "I Agree" checkbox each time you access the ACORN Standards.
  •  This will redirect you to the ACORN Standards online. If you have an active ACORN Standards subscription, you will be automatically logged in to the ACORN Standards Online.

I can’t remember my Username or password. What should I do?

The ACORN “Members login” page provides details to reset your ACORN username and/or password. Please follow these exactly as written. Click the "Forgot Your Password’ or "Forgot Your Username" link whichever applies. You will be prompted to provide additional unique information including the email address associated with your ACORN member account. You will receive an email containing instructions on resetting your password or username.

If you continue to have issues with logging in, please email the Administration Team.

Help! I’m still having trouble logging in. First, we recommend clearing your browser’s cookies, saved passwords, and autofill form data, then trying to log in again"

Still having login issues? Please contact our Administration Team.

What are the technical requirements to read the ACORN Standards on my device?

The ACORN Standards require an internet connection and one of the following web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari 

The ACORN Standards are also compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and mobile devices.


Terms of use, privacy policy and disclaimer

What are the Terms of Use for the ACORN Standards?

By subscribing to the ACORN Standards, you accept our Personal use licence or our Facility licence whichever applies to your subscription. We recommend that you review these pages before using the ACORN Standards.

Can I share my ACORN Standards subscription?

ACORN Standards subscriptions are intended only for the use of the individual or facility subscriber. Any sharing of ACORN Standards log in information or content is a violation of ACORN's licence with you or your facility. 

Can I print ACORN Standards content?

You are currently unable to download or print any section of the ACORN Standards.

Please note that the reuse or distribution of ACORN Standards or content without the express written permission of ACORN is a violation of Australian copyright law. Sharing of ACORN Standards personal subscriptions is not authorised.

Can I reuse ACORN Standards content?

All content in the ACORN is protected by Australian copyright law, and reuse of any material (including text, tables, and figures) requires express written permission from ACORN. Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis.

To request permission, please complete the  Clinical questions & feedback  Please explain how you would like to use the material.

How do I cite the ACORN Standards in my research?

Please cite the ACORN Standards by volume as follows:

Australian College of Perioperative Nurses Ltd (ACORN). Standards for

Perioperative Nursing in Australia 16th ed: Volume 1 – Clinical Standards.

Adelaide, South Australia: ACORN; 2020.


Australian College of Perioperative Nurses Ltd (ACORN). Standards for

Perioperative Nursing in Australia 16th ed: Volume 2 – Professional Standards.

Adelaide, South Australia: ACORN; 2020.



I think I’ve found an error in the ACORN Standards. What should I do?

If you notice an inaccuracy in the ACORN Standards, we’d be grateful if you’d share it with us. Please complete the Clinical questions & feedback.

I have ideas for improving the ACORN Standards. Whom do I contact?

We would love to hear your ideas and innovations! Please use the Clinical questions & feedback to contact us.