The Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) is a registered Australian company and health promotion charity. ACORN is Australia’s peak body of perioperative nursing, largest specialty nursing college and only perioperative content provider.


Our work is to advance safe, quality perioperative nursing care for Australians.


When our work is done Australians receive safe, quality perioperative nursing care.


As we work, we are committed to:

  • collaboration

  • excellence

  • communication

  • innovation.

Excellence in Perioperative Nursing

Excellence in Perioperative Nursing (EiPN) awards are presented to ACORN members who have made an outstanding contribution to perioperative nursing. Nominations are made by a local association or by the ACORN board and the awards are presented at the biennial national conference.

An EiPN award is presented in the following three categories – Individual, Novice and Team.

For more details about the EiPN awards go to Excellence in Perioperative Nursing.

Judith Cornell Oration

The Judith Cornell Oration (JCO) is delivered by a person, chosen by the board, who has made an outstanding contribution to perioperative nursing in Australia. The JCO is delivered at the biennial national conference.

For more details about the JCO go to Judith Cornell Oration.

Next phase of growth: Strategy and Implementation Plan for the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses 2019–2022

In December 2018, a consultant, Randall Pearce of THINK: Insight & Advice Pty Ltd, was engaged to design and facilitate a plan for the next stage of the College's growth. 

A Strategic Planning Group was formed comprising the ACORN Board of Directors, Executive Officer, Professional Standards Officer and five invited guests. The members of the planning group participated in a workshop where they analysed the external and internal environments, crafted new mission and vision statements and engaged in strategic conversations on key issues. The outputs of the workshop were used to develop a strategic plan. 

Thanks to the members of the ACORN board and staff who served as members of the Strategic Planning Group: Trent Batchelor, Rebecca East, Sophie Ehrlich, Trish Flood, Paula Foran, Karen Hay, Grace Loh, Cath Murphy, Wendy Rowland and Garry Stratton. Special thanks to guests Jed Duff, Tracy Kerle, Ruth Melville, Rachel Short and Carollyn Williams.

Read a summary of the 2019–2022 Strategy and Implementation Plan or download the full version.