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ACORN Education Committee

Applications for 2024 are now closed

Are you an experienced perioperative nurse who wants to contribute to the education of perioperative nurses across Australia? Are you passionate about evidence-based practice and continuing professional development? ACORN Education is seeking an expression of interest from you to join the ACORN Education Committee!

The primary function of the ACORN Education Committee is to provide clinical insight and professional recommendations about the content of the ACORN Education courses, resources, programs, and services to ensure they are consistent with legal, professional and industry standards, codes of practice, and reflect trends in newly published research, technical innovations, and emerging scientific and biological issues.

This includes but is not limited to providing ACORN with insights into:

  • Opportunities and need for review, improvement, development and advancement of the ACORN Education courses, resources, programs and services
  • How to best support ACORN members, through educational events, published case studies and other opportunities to translate, contextualise and apply the content as it relates to their individual work environment
  • Internal and cross-disciplinary promotional and marketing opportunities for the ACORN Education portfolio within domestic and international clinical, educational, professional and commercial settings
  • The content of regular and once-off reports to the ACORN board including reporting of alignment with ACORN’s strategic intent
  • How ACORN can ensure our education content and format(s) remain high-quality, evidence-based, contemporary and valued and necessary resources for the safe and high quality care of surgical patients and perioperative staff
  • How the ACORN Education courses, resources, programs and services best fit within the relevant regulatory, legislative and accreditation frameworks.


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