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The Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) is a registered charity and has deductible gift recipient (DGR) endorsement by the Australian Tax Office.

Why support the ACORN Foundation?

ACORN is the largest speciality nursing College in Australia with over 5000 members.

Our work is to advance safe, quality perioperative nursing care for Australians.

To do this, ACORN must:

  1. Provide education and professional development for perioperative nurses
  2. Continually update and actively promote Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia (The New ACORN Standards)
  3. Fund research

What difference will my donation make?

Donations to the ACORN Foundation improve the standard of perioperative practice by funding professional development, education and scholarships for our members.

Your donation will support perioperative nurses to make surgery safe. Your donation will fund professional development, education and scholarships for perioperative nurses and improve the standard of perioperative practice.

How can I donate?

There are a number of ways you can donate to the foundation.

1. Named scholarship

Individuals, companies and organisations may establish an annual academic, research or professional development scholarship named by the donor.

2. Tribute or memorial

Make a gift in honour or memory of a special perioperative nurse, colleague, friend or family member.

3. Endowment

Endowments provide a perpetual income stream that enables ACORN to support core programs each year.

4. Ongoing gift

An ongoing gift can be automatically withdrawn monthly from your bank account.

5. Planned giving

A planned gift can be given at some future date. The gift may be made as soon as is practicable, a number of years from now or at death. A deferred gift is a present decision to make a future gift, evidenced by a legal contract.


If you would like to donate to the ACORN Foundation, please contact Diane Harapin, Chief Executive Officer, via email or phone 1300 781 924 to discuss your wishes.


We wish to thank the following donors to the ACORN Foundation.

Phyllis Davis AM

Phyllis Davis AM Conference Scholarships