Author guidelines

The ACORN Journal Editor welcomes academic manuscripts and feature or special interest articles about all aspects of perioperative nursing.

Articles published in the ACORN Journal are copyright, the copyright remains with ACORN. Anyone wishing to reprint articles must obtain written permission directly from the editor.

The Journal of Perioperative Nursing is guided by principle statements  made by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors in 'Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals'. For details, please refer to 'Publication considerations' at left.

Academic manuscripts

Academic manuscripts will be subject to independent review by at least two peers. When the manuscript has been reviewed, the author will be advised as to whether it has been accepted or rejected for publication and if revision is recommended. The manuscript will then be taken to an editorial meeting to decide when it will be published.

Before submitting your manuscript, please check it has been prepared correctly. Requirements for preparing manuscripts, including word limits, can be found by clicking on the relevant link below.

Quantitive research reports

Literature reviews: use one of the following two guidelines

Opinion pieces and editorials

Research briefs– protocols (including systematic review protocols), preliminary research, pilot studies and studies with very small samples or negative results

Case studies

Discussion papers


You are strongly encouraged to cite previous ACORN journal articles throughout your work.

Feature or special interest articles

Feature and special interest articles will be accepted at the discretion of the editorial committee. The editor's decision to publish or reject is final. They will not be peer-reviewed but you may be asked to revise your work and our editor will assist you with this. The editor has the right to edit the article as is seen fit.

Feature and special interest articles should be between 1500 and 2500 words.

Illustrations, photographs and other graphics should be submitted as separate jpeg, tiff or eps files of high resolution, i.e. saved as at least 300dpi or be at least 1MB in size, using CMYK colour. Provide captions for images and titles for tables and figures.

Permission to reproduce illustrations must be obtained by the author from the owner of the copyright, usually the publisher.

Submitting your manuscript

Before submitting your manuscript, read the ACORN Style guide carefully and edit your writing accordingly. If you have questions that are not covered by the guide, email Eleanor Tan, Publications Officer (eleanor.tan at

Submit academic manuscripts to our Digital Commons online platform (see link below). Follow the instructions to set up your author account and submit your manuscript.

Submit via JPN submissions.

Feature and special interest articles may be submitted via our Digital Commons online platform (see link above) or emailed directly to our Publications Officer (eleanor.tan at