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Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) represents the professional interests of the perioperative nurse in Australia.

Membership categories acnp

There are three categories of membership of the College.

  1. Full Membership (Australian perioperative nurses)
  2. Affiliate membership (including overseas perioperative nurses)
  3. Corporate Partnership (our corporate partners)

The specialties currently available for nursing membership include:

  • Anaesthetic nurses 
  • Instrument nurses
  • Circulating nurses
  • Post Anaesthesia Care Unit nurses
  • Preadmission clinic nurses
  • Day of Surgery Admission nurses
  • Day surgery nurses
  • Acute pain nurses
  • Perioperative Nurse Surgeon's Assistant
  • Perioperative educators
  • Perioperative researchers.

To become a full member of ACORN, join the perioperative nurses association in your state or territory. Download the appropriate application form using the link in the list below.

New South Wales Operating Theatre Association Inc. (NSW OTA )

Northern Territory Perioperative Nurses Association Incorporated (NTPNA)

ACORN Queensland (ACORN Queensland Inc.)

South Australian Perioperative Nurses Association Inc. (SAPNA)

ACORN Tasmania (ACORN Tasmania)

Victorian Perioperative Nurses Group (VPNG)

ACORN Western Australia (ACORN WA)



Thanks for being inspiring Acnp

(email to then ACORN President Rebecca East on 18 August 2018)

Firstly, thank you and the ACORN team for yesterday's study day in Darwin. I found it inspiring to meet such intelligent and driven individuals who represent and strongly support nurses and the nursing profession.

Yourself and Paula really resonated with my personal thoughts and aspirations for my current and future career. You two have motivated and reassured me that there are a variety of opportunities to progress and develop within the nursing profession.

I think your idea on being able to tap into the educational day webinars is wonderful for those who can't make it but honestly seeing you all in person and being able to interact one on one with everyone is irreplaceable and an integral element for current and future members (in my opinion).

Kindest regards

Jaide Holtz

NTPNA member