Benefits of ACORN membership

All financial members of Australian state and territory perioperative nurses associations are also full members of ACORN.

Ninety-eight per cent of members would recommend ACORN membership to their colleagues.

Reasons to be an ACORN member

1. Journal

According to our members (Members Survey 2015 and 2016), the Journal of Perioperative Nursing in Australia is our number one member benefit. The journal provides current research, education and articles to enhance the perioperative professional’s development and engagement.

2. Postgraduate study

More than 300 of our members have taken advantage of reduced fees when they studied with the University of Tasmania.

3. Free education webinars every month

Our education webinars are available to all members at no cost. Every month ACORN provides education that is accessible to all. It doesn't matter if you are home or at work, all you need to be able to participate is a tablet, mobile phone or computer.

4. Access to the Standards

ACORN believes that every perioperative nurse should have access to Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia. Members can get an e-subscription for just $150 which is $100 less than a non-member subscription.

5. Professional indemnity insurance (PII)

PII is available to members through a partnership with Guild Insurance, insurance partners of a number of AHPRA peak bodies and insurer to their members.

6. Eligibility to apply for $20 000 in research grants

Each year ACORN receives applications for research funding from members. Research into perioperative practice strengthens and advances our practice and patient safety. Whether you are a researcher or not, this important activity advances our knowledge in Australia and recognition in other countries.

7. Eligibility to apply for financial assistance

ACORN financial assistance grants are intended to support the learning of perioperative nursing members.

See the Financial support and scholarships page of our Education section for application forms and details.

8. Perioperative jobs Facebook page

Members can ‘like’ our Perioperative Jobs Facebook page and have immediate alerts about jobs available in the sector. No need to go looking – notifications can go straight to your phone.

9. National conference

Our national conference is a highlight in the professional calendar. It provides a fun event at which to network, share and learn. Members receive a substantial discount to attend.

10. Access to current information and events

ACORN regularly communicates to members about new initiatives. An example of this in recent times was the 24/7 nurse support line.

11. Policy and advocacy

ACORN takes an active role in policy matters and advocacy. We have presented submissions to government agencies and peak bodies and have joined alliances to amend proposals that would have an overall adverse effect on our members.

12. Advice, helpline and resources

Having a reliable and knowledgeable source of advice is a must. ACORN has 40 years of experience that has resulted in relevant resources and documents to assist perioperative professionals. Members have access to our Preceptor and Facilitator Resource Page to support you in the orientation and clinical supervision of undergraduate, new graduate and/or novice perioperative nurses in your clinical environment.

13. Representation

Without members, a professional association would not exist and perioperative professionals would not be represented or assisted. We do not receive any government funding. Your professional associations – ACORN and the local associations – can only exist with support from individual perioperative professionals like you.

14. Fellowship

ACORN Fellows are special members who have made a significant contribution to the goals of the College and perioperative nursing or demonstrated professional excellence. This recognition is important as it celebrates and provides awareness of perioperative nurses as professionals.

15. Professional advancement, support and networking opportunities

Being a member of your professional association will give you opportunities to network with like-minded people and gain support.

16. ACORN Corporate QANTAS Club

ACORN members are eligible to join the QANTAS Club, ACORN Corporate Membership, at a discounted fee and receive associated benefits.

17. Voting rights

You have the opportunity to have a say about the decisions that the College makes on your behalf.

18. Tax deduction

Membership fees are tax deductible.

19. Discounts on wellness footwear

10% discount on all wellness shoes, compression socks and other wellness items.  

20. There is more

Members receive benefits from their local associations that are over and above the benefits listed here. For more information on these, refer to your local association website.

For further information about any of these member benefits, contact us – details below.

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