Course accreditation application

ACORN is currently  accepting applications for Course Accreditation. This round of applications will  close on the 29th February 2020.  The second 2020 will open again on the 1st  June 2020 and close on the 30th June 2020.

To apply please complete and submit the online form below between the 1st - 29th February 2020 providing the required details about the course for which you are seeking ACORN accreditation.

If you are applying for more than one course please complete a separate application for each course.

ACORN's Course Accreditation Officer will contact you in due course if any additional information is required. Please note that no applications submitted so far in 2020 will be processed before 1st March 2020. 

If you require clarification or additional information about ACORN's Course Accreditation process please click this following link. 

Thank you for your application.

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Course Details
Education Providers' Details
Relevance to the needs of perioperative nurses
Professional delivery
Evidence based and of high quality
Developed and delivered by a credible organisation

I hereby consent that the information and details given in this application are true, complete and up to date. If this course is accredited by ACORN, I agree to the Terms and Conditions provided by ACORN for accreditation of courses.


Process for Accreditation

  1. Each course application must be submitted online and according to the new criteria described below.
  2. Each course submitted for accreditation will involve a flat, non-refundable, set application fee of $AUD 500 plus GST payable on application. This is the application fee.
  3. A separate, additional content-dependent fee will be determined by ACORN based on the estimated number of hours required to assess the course. This is the content-dependent fee.
  4. ACORN will send a quotation for the content-dependent fee to the applicant before progressing the application to assessment.
  5. Applications will not progress to assessment until ACORN has received the application fee and content-dependent fee.
  6. Applicants can expect a determination of their application within eight weeks from payment of the application and content-dependent fees. 
  7. If the course application is unsuccessful, ACORN will advise the applicant and provide recommendations for additions/ improvements to the course. Subsequent re-application of an unsuccessful course must be made within eight weeks of the notification and will require payment of another content-dependent fee identical to that paid for the initial application.
  8. If the course application is successful course accreditation will be for 12 months from the date ACORN advises the applicant of the course's successful accreditation outcome.
  9. The previous requirement for submission of an Annual Report is no longer required.
  10. ACORN is only accepting quarterly applications for Course Accreditation. The next Calls For Applications are scheduled for 1-30th November 2019, 1-15th February 2020, 1-15th May 2020 and 1-15th August 2020.
  11. ACORN has the right to remove accreditation for a course if the content is changed considerably.

Accreditation Retention

  1. Each year one month before the course accreditation expires ACORN will send a reminder email to the primary course contact or their designate who must then:
  • Submit an online report indicating how the course content has been updated to reflect any changes in the preceding 12 months to:
  • ACORN's Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia;
  • other national standards including publications from Standards Australia, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care's National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and The Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare
  • national/ state legislation, regulation or public policy directives relevant to perioperative nursing
  • Pay an annual flat, non-refundable, set application fee of $AUD 500 plus GST. This is the retention fee.
  • Pay a minimal content-dependent fee determined by ACORN based on the estimated number of hours required to re-assess any changes to course content will also be raised by ACORN with each application for retention of an accredited course. This is the content-dependent retention fee.
  1. If the online report is not submitted or payment of the retention fee or the content-dependent retention fee not received by the expiry date, the course will be de-registered and must be resubmitted for Accreditation as a new course before accreditation can be re-assessed.
  2. If major (>50%) content changes are required, or the course title changes the content-dependent retention fee will be revised upwards to reflect the time needed by ACORN staff and Course Assessors to re-assess the Course.

Other Conditions

  1. ACORN course accreditation is at ACORN’s discretion.
  2. One application form for each course needs to be submitted with the appropriate fees.
  3. ACORN reserves the right to withdraw accreditation in the event the course is not delivered according to the information presented in the application for accreditation approved by ACORN.
  4. The ACORN accredited course logo may only be used with authorisation from ACORN and according to the ACORN Style Guide which ACORN supplies to successful applicants.
  5. The ACORN accredited course logo must be included on the completion certificate issued for this course (logo will be provided upon successful accreditation. The ACORN accredited course logo must not be reproduced any smaller than an overall width of 40mm for stacked logos and 70mm for long logos.