Committee members


We would like to gratefully acknowledge the work of the following people who so generously give their time for the benefit of ACORN and its members.



This committee is chaired by Karen Hay and will oversee the organisation of our 2020 conference.

Committee members to be confirmed.

This committee is chaired by Patricia Flood and oversees the production of Journal of Perioperative Nursing.

Committee members:

Patricia Flood (Chair)

Dr Jed Duff

Dr Lois Hamlin

Assoc. Prof. Patricia Nicholson.

This committee is chaired by Patricia Flood with Brigid Gillespie as Honorary Chair and works to promote research into perioperative nursing and support perioperative nurse researchers.

Committee members:

Brigid Gillespie (Hon. Chair)

Dr Jed Duff

Dr Lois Hamlin

Assoc. Prof. Patricia Nicholson

Carollyn Williams (Hon. Secretary).

This committee is chaired by Dr Paula Foran and includes the Perioperative Nurses Week (PNW) subcommittee.

Committee members:

Sharon Cassidy

Jeffrey Faulkner

Andrea Coustley

Stephen Born

Jodie Hulm.

This committee is chaired by Trent Batchelor and oversees the ACORN Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia.

Committee members:

Trent Batchelor

Lillian Ghosh

Jodie Hulm

Kasey Irwin

Assoc. Prof. Patricia Nicholson

Rachel Short.


This committee is co-chaired by Donna Stevens and Sophie Erlich and oversees ACORN's educational programs.

Committee members:

Dr Paula Foran

Alana Delaforce

Justine Vost.

This committee is co-chaired by Sophie Erlich and Garry Stratton and is a subcommittee of the Programs Committee.

Committee members:

Stephen Alexander

Deborah Burrows

Lee-Ann Heta

Anna Hinz

Joy Jensen

Sally Sutherland-Fraser

Sarah Warner.

This committee is chaired by Grace Loh and oversees the financial assistance ACORN provides to members for continuing professional development and education.

Committee members:

Sharon Armour

Caroline Hoyle.

This committee is chaired by Grace Loh and oversees ACORN's relationships with hospitals and universities and accreditation of educational courses.

Committee members:

Carolyn Ellis

Brad Leeson

Suzanne Oh

Josephine Perry

Judith Smith.

The Censor Panel is chaired by Ruth Melville and assesses applications for fellowship categories and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding these applications. It also makes recommendations to the board about the College awards including The Judith Cornell Oration and the Excellence in Perioperative Nursing Awards. Each of the local perioperative nursing associations is represented on the panel.

Committee members:

Ruth Melville (chair) – ACORN Queensland

Judith Berry – South Australian Perioperative Nurses Assocation

Sarah Bird – ACORN Tasmania

Tracy Kerle – New South Wales Operating Theatre Association

Lesley Stewart – Northern Territory Perioperative Nurses Assocation

Carollyn Williams – Victorian Perioperative Nurses Group

(The position of representative from ACORN Western Australia is currently vacant.)