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COVID-19 Perioperative Nurses' Concerns

ACORN has an immediate opportunity to liaise directly with the federal government in relation to the needs and concerns related to COVID-19 currently facing Australia's perioperative nursing workforce. 

ACORN is committed to representing its members accurately and fairly. To help us do that we would like to hear from members regarding any specific issues that would reasonably be within the government's influence, either immediately or in the longer term. To date members have raised concerns with ACORN about infection prevention, training, availability, quality and use of PPE, deployment, additional training and the implications of decisions regarding nurse staffing. 

There are likely other issues ACORN  has inadvertantly or unknowingly overlooked. Regardless ACORN would like to hear from Australia's perioperative nurses about what you need and what  you are most concerned about during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please complete the fields below so that ACORN can assist efforts to have your individual and collective perioperative voice heard by the decision-makers, regulators and rule makers. 

Please be reassured that ACORN's privacy and confidentiality policies apply to any data submitted and collected through this portal. All data will be deidentified, stored securely and available only to ACORN's staff for the purpose of providing direct advice to the Australian government. No individual will be linked to their data.

Thank you again for your efforts to keep Australia and Australians safe. We are proud of and grateful for you. It's now ACORN's turn to make sure you are well represented to the federal government.

Kind regards

Rebecca East

ACORN Chief Executive Officer

15th April 2020

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