Virtual Conference

Following the cancellation of our 2020 Sydney conference due to COVID-19, we were excited to present the ACORN 2020 Virtual Conference which started in early September and concluded in December. Many of the presenters from the cancelled live conference were able to present a series of live and pre-recorded webinars, giving you valuable opportunities to learn, share and ask questions.

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All webinars were recorded and are available for viewing.

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Advocacy enquiry

Presented by Michael Visser

(duration: 51 min)

Advocacy enquiry is ... Read more


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Cranial surgery

Help, my cranial surgery patient is awake!

Presented by Daphny Peneza

(duration: 63 min)

Surgical treatment of brain tumors, especially those located in the eloquent areas: anterior ... Read more

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Enhanced recovery after surgery

Enhanced recovery after surgery

Presented by Michael Visser

(duration: 59 min)

Key factors that keep patients ... Read more

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Eyes for Africa

Eyes for Africa in Ethiopia restores vision for their future

Presented by Julie Tyers

(duration: 59 min)

Julie was astonished ... Read more

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Inadvertent perioperative hypothermia

It's not cool to be cold

Presented by Clinical Associate Professor Paul Stewart

(duration: 60 min)

Perioperative hypothermia is by far the most common thermal consequence of ... Read more

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Neurological trauma preparedness

Neuro trauma preparedness: A vision in motion 

Presented by Daphny Peneza

(duration: 50 min)

As health care system continue to evolve through the years ... Read more

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Pressure injury prevention

Pressure injury prevention for perioperative patients and lessons learned from COVID-19

A live panel discussion faciliated by Sally Sutherland-Fraser. Panellists include Grace Loh, Brigid Gillespie and Kay Maddison

This panel session will provide a national forum for  ...  read more

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Recruitment, education and cross-skilling in rural areas


Barriers and enablers in staff recruitment, education and cross-skilling in the rural perioperative setting

Presented by Nadine Quennell and Elke Koslowski

(duration: 34 min)

Like many smaller rural centres, staff ... Read more

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Structured stretching program

Back to you: A structured stretching program 

Presented by Alison King

(duration: 6 min 30 sec)

This webinar outlines a research project at Port Macquarie Hospital aiming to reduce instances of back injuries in perioperative staff.

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Surgical plume

Are you ready to take control of surgical plume? Clearing our vision for the future

Presented by Menna Davies and Penny Smalley

(duration: 68 min)

The dangers of surgical plume as a workplace health ... Read more

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Surgical safety

Surgical safety – what Covid-19 has taught us

Presented by Menna Davies, Julie Walters and Amy Pearce

(duration: 60 min)

This webinar discussed what we have learnt ... Read more

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Surgical site infections

Perioperative stewardship: The perioperative nurse's role in preventing surgical site infections

Presented by Peter Graves and Maureen Spencer

(duration: 69 min)

Surgical stewardship is a new term that reflects the importance of the rigor that is necessary in the perioperative areas ...  Read more

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Surgical site infection

Managing the risk of surgical site infection

Presented by Dr Ken Loi

(duration: 59 min)

Patient optimisation in the era of COVID-19 is defining the current surgical landscape ... Read more

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Sustainable perioperative practice

Sustainable perioperative practice: We can all make a difference, even during a pandemic 

A live panel discussion facilitated by Sally Sutherland-Fraser with panellists Michelle Skrivanic, George Papadopoulos, Kate Charlesworth and Darren Bradbrook

(duration: 61 min)

This panel session provided a national forum for  ... Read more

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Technological advancements

A historical perspective on technological advancements in the operating theatre and the impact on perioperative nursing roles – past , present and future 

Presented by Judy Smith

(duration: 63 min)

Perioperative nurses work in highly ... Read more


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