Discussion papers

Before submitting your manuscript, please make sure it meets the following requirements.

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Word count

  • no more than 1500 words (excluding tables, figures and reference list)

Material to submit

As well as your manuscript, please submit:

  • an abstract
  • a list of three to six keywords
  • tables and figures (as appropriate)
  • a reference list
  • funding or financial interest disclosure (as appropriate)
  • acknowledgements (as appropriate).

Tables, figures and photographs

Tables should be typed, not inserted as an image, and submitted on separate pages placed at the end of the text document.

Figures may be inserted as an image and submitted on separate pages placed at the end of the text document.

You must refer to every table and figure you submit in the text of your manuscript.

Photographs must be supplied as separate high-resolution files (300 dpi or 1MB in size). Indicate where in the text photographs are to be placed and provide a suitable caption.

Citations and references

You are responsible for the accuracy and correct formatting of all reference citations. References will be checked for accuracy when edited for publication. If there are errors, publication of your manuscript may be delayed.

Citations and reference lists should follow the Vancouver referencing style. For details download the ACORN referencing guide.

Funding or financial interest disclosure 

If your research brief is the result of funded research you must cite the funding source on the title page. If your research brief originated as a thesis or dissertation while you were on an educational scholarship, you must cite the name of the scholarship. In general, this disclosure will not preclude publication in Journal of Perioperative Nursing providing that the manuscript meets the appropriate standards for acceptance. When appropriate, this information is shared with reviewers and readers.

If you received government funding, you are required to comply with all of the terms of the National Institute for Health (NIH) Public Access Policy, including submitting your funded articles to NIH for posting on PubMed Central. You are permitted to post the original draft of the article on PubMed Central after six months from the article's publication in Journal of Perioperative Nursing.

You must disclose any financial interest in products or companies that manufacture products mentioned in your manuscript as well as any compensation received for producing the manuscript.


Any acknowledgments should be submitted with the manuscript.

Patient confidentiality

All patient information included in manuscripts, tables, figures or photographs must be de-identified to avoid compromising patient privacy and confidentiality. Only those details essential for understanding and interpreting a specific case report or case series should be provided. 


All manuscripts will be reviewed for originality with a plagiarism software product. Manuscripts found to plagiarise the work of others will not be published in Journal of Perioperative Nursing.

Title page

Submit a title page, as a separate document, with your manuscript. Your title page should include details of all authors':

  • names and titles
  • credentials
  • affiliations (maximum four)
  • email addresses.

Online manuscript submission

Submit your manuscript at www.journal.acorn.org.au. Instructions are provided and assistance is available by contacting journaleditor@acorn.org.au.

All manuscript submissions – both original and revisions – should include the title page, abstract, text, references and all tables and figures. Do not blind the manuscript.

Please note: Even though the title, abstract and authors are entered into the system when you submit your manuscript, you must still include these with your manuscript files.