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Introduction to PPSPNs: Introduction to PPSPNs (286.6 Kb)
Introduction to SSQCPEs: Introduction to SSQCPEs (260.6 Kb)
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2022 Annual report: (1,910.0 Kb)
2022 Annual report: (1,910.0 Kb)
Managing the Post Anaesthesia Care Unit: (203.8 Kb)
Multi-resistant organisms: (240.1 Kb)
Pneumatic tourniquet: (186.1 Kb)
Posthumous organ procurement: (220.3 Kb)
Wellbeing: (279.4 Kb)
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Inspired by connection to collaboration: Carollyn R Williams: A commemorative journal of perioperative nurses in Queensland from 1972 – 2022. (4,959.9 Kb)