Perioperative professional development portfolio

Perioperative nurses are increasingly expected to be accountable and responsible for their perioperative practice. Continual development of clinical skills will maintain and improve professional performance and some Australian nursing regulatory authorities require portfolios for renewal of licences to practice.

The ACORN Perioperative professional development portfolio is a valuable instrument to present documentation of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Click here to download a copy.

Surgical hand antisepsis, gowning and gloving DVD

Hospitals and day surgeries around the country are using this resource, based on evidence-based protocols and procedures, to educate their staff on the procedure for surgical hand antisepsis, downing and gloving.

Available as a DVD for easy hands-on access and as an e-subscription, perfect for facilities to share among multiple users. Also available as a bundle of both the DVD and e-subscription.

The DVD, e-subscription or bundle is now available to purchase through the Education shop.

Audit tools

ACORN has developed practice audit tools to measure workplace compliance with a number of ACORN standards. The ACORN Practice Audit Tools (PATs) are available in two bundles – Practice Audit Tools 1: Asepsis and clinical care and Practice Audit Tools 2: Staff and patient safety.

Practical clinical skills assessment checklists

Are you unsure about exactly what information and knowledge you need to glean from the clinical setting?

The ACORN Education team, led by Dr Paula Foran, has developed practical checklists to assist in the clinical preparation of novice or early career perioperative nurses working within the operating suite.

This is not a definitive list of all required skills, but ACORN thought it may be useful guide to clinical competence and provide a starting point to ensure that learning about valuable skills or tasks is not overlooked.

Download your copy from the links below.