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Fellows and Life members


Fellows are special ACORN members who have made a significant contribution to the goals of the College and perioperative nursing or demonstrated professional excellence. Fellowship is conferred during the biennial ACORN conference.

Honorary Fellows are members of eminence who have given exceptional service to perioperative nursing on a national and/or international level, made a noteworthy contribution to the goals of the College at the highest level as well as to the profession of perioperative nursing and/or the wider nursing profession. It is anticipated that conferring Honorary Fellowship will be an exceptional event. Honorary Fellowship is conferred during the biennial ACORN conference.

ACORN members may apply for fellowship or nominate another member for consideration for honorary fellowship by 12 June 2024 using the following application forms.

Please note: The application and nomination period has been extended due to the change in date of the conference.

Fellowship application form

Honorary Fellowship nomination form

Fellows can be contacted through the ACORN office via email

The 2002–2004 board were admitted as Foundation Fellows to form a cohort to support initial applications.

Di Binns (Tasmania)

Rose Blackford (Northern Territory)

Rae Gyder (Queensland)

Lois Hamlin (New South Wales)

James Harrison (Tasmania)

Kim Hepper (South Australia)

Veronica Hill (Western Australia)

Marilyn Schroeder (Victoria)

Elsie June Allen AM (Victoria)

Mary Barry OAM (Victoria) (deceased)

Di Binns (Tasmania)

Judith Cornell AM (New South Wales) (deceased)

Menna Davies (New South Wales)

Rosemary Gaston (Northern Territory)

Rae Guyder (Queensland) 

Lois Hamlin (New South Wales)

James Harrison (Tasmania)

Carolyn Saunders (Webster) (Western Australia)

Pat Solomon (New South Wales) (deceased)

Sr Mary Felix Thorburn AM (Victoria) (deceased)

Pauline Walker (New South Wales)

Tarryn Armour (Victoria)

Helen Barallon (Victoria) (deceased)

Dr Judith Berry (South Australia)

Sarah Bird (Tasmania)

Lillian Blair (New South Wales)

Stephen Born (Queensland)

Jenny Cubitt (New South Wales)

Phyllis Davis AM (New South Wales)

Dr Jed Duff (New South Wales)

Rebecca East (Victoria)

Dr Paula Foran (Victoria)

Lesley Gilbert (Victoria)

Dr Brigid Gillespie (Queensland)

Toni Hains (Queensland)

Sharon Harding (Northern Territory)

Allanah Hazelgrove (New South Wales)

Lynette Hill (Queensland)

Joy Jensen (Queensland)

Tracy Kerle (New South Wales)

Robyn Lawson (Western Australia)

Grace Loh (Western Australia)

Ruth Melville (Queensland)

Suellen Moore (New South Wales)

Dr Patricia Nicholson (Victoria)

Dr Sonya Osborne (Queensland)

Michelle Reardon (Queensland)

Marilyn Richardson-Tench (Victoria)

Wendy Rogers (Northern Territory)

Catherine Smith (Queensland)

Dr Zaneta Smith (Western Australia)

Catherine Steel (Queensland)

Lesley Stewart (Northern Territory)

Sally Sutherland Fraser (New South Wales)

Vicky Warwick (Western Australia)

Libby Webb (Northern Territory)

Carollyn Williams (Victoria)

Life members

Life Members have made an outstanding contribution to the perioperative nursing profession and their local association. State and territory perioperative nursing associations make nominations for life membership of ACORN. 

Val Corcoran

Karin Croghan

Jenny Cubitt

Menna Davies

Phyllis Davis AM

Barbara Edwards

Susan Golland

Dr Lois Hamlin

Narelle Hines (deceased)

Judith Meppem

Terri Pinkis

Jenny Pirie

Lynne Redknap

Judy Rouse

Mary Sams

Patricia Solomon

Gillian Walker

June DeClifford (deceased)

Sharon Harding

Terry Sleigh

Libby Webb

Cheryl Winter

Linley Bates

Brigid Gillespie

Judith Hewett

Lynette Hill

Eleanor Irwin

Joy Jensen

Jo-Ann McNaughton

Ruth Melville

Heather Moon

Cheryl O'Brien

Narelle Sommerfeld

Wenda Young

Judith Berry

Lyell Brougham

Veronica Cummings

Fiona Davies

Catherine Hashemi

Kim Hepper

Jill Hilbig

Susan Hopkins

Jill Hughes-Jones

Liz Mazzei AM

Sandy McAdam

Margaret Rainbow

Helen Richardson

Carmel Rodgers

Caroline Saniotis

Marg Wheeler

Chris Whellum

Di Wickett

Di Binns

Jenny Bloomfield

Jane Brain

Jean Colles

Patricia Eizele

Judith Eldridge

Margaret Ewington

Tim Haas

Betty Hickman

Shirley Hyland

Cheryl Robinson

Anne Swifte

Pamela Tait

Bev Vinson

Petronella Wilcox

Jorge Acevedo-Rodriguez

June Allen

Jean Badenhop

Helen Barallon

Mary Barry (deceased)

Pauline Bennett

Bernadette Brennan

Judith Bridges (deceased)

Dorothea Burnett (deceased)

Julie Campbell

Claire Collins

Marilyn Cornish

Jan Coverdale

Michele Cullen

Jackie Dalzell (deceased)

Angela Docherty (deceased)

Mary Fallon

Marea Fennell (deceased)

Lesley Gilbert

Christine Gillmartin

Leonie Lorenz

Nicky Nixon

Gwenda Peters

Marilyn Schroeder

Betty Thompson

Sister Mary Felix Thorburn (deceased)

Pamela Waite

Betty Weir

Patricia Wilding

Carollyn Williams

Joy Earnshaw

Robyn Lawson

Ruth Mackey

Jan Miller

June Raxter

Carolyn Saunders

Jacqui Smith