Workstream Teams

The ACORN Roadmap Project includes four workstream teams (WSTs). Each WST is focussing on a specific area relevant to improving implementation and adoption of the ACORN Standards. 

The WSTs are working and making recommendations to the National Leadership Group over the period June 2020 to September 2021. 

Currently the following three WSTs have appointed chairs and designated members. Details of these voluntary appointments are included below.

  1. Research - Chaired by Assoc. Prof Patricia Nicholson
  2. Clinical standards and standard-setting process - Chaired by Adj. Hon. Assoc. Prof Cath Murphy
  3. Professional standards and training - Chaired by Rachel Short
  4. Implementation - Chaired by Garry Stratton



Clinical standards and the standard-setting process WST


Professional standards and training - WST

Research WST