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Benefits of membership

All financial members of Australian state and territory perioperative nurses associations are also full members of ACORN and can access the member benefits below.


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ACORN Members can access a 50% fee waiver discount towards post graduate qualifications (H5F Graduate Certificate in Nursing - Specialisation) through our partnership with the University of Tasmania. 

Specialisations available to ACORN members under this agreement are:

  • Perioperative Nursing
  • Leadership in Practice
  • Clinical Nursing and Teaching
  • Anaesthetics and Recovery

See the Financial support and scholarships page of our Education section for application forms and details.

ACORN members receive a 15% discount on all ACORN Education courses provided.

Please contact for your member discount coupon code.

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Having a reliable and knowledgeable source of advice is a must. ACORN has over 45 years of experience that has resulted in relevant resources and documents to assist perioperative professionals. In collaboration with our special interest groups, industry experts and perioperative nursing professionals, members have access to resources pages to help in your clinical activities, projects, and quality improvement projects.

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Every month ACORN provides education that is accessible to all. It doesn't matter if you are home or at work, all you need to be able to participate is a tablet, mobile phone, or computer. The webinars are online seminars, presented by perioperative nurses, and clinical experts, from a range of specialities, and you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

The webinars are recorded and available via the button below for viewing at any time. Webinar subscriptions are available for individuals or organisations.

ACORN Education webinars are free for all individual ACORN members - this is a member benefit of being part of the ACORN community. Ensure that you login to your ACORN account to access these webinars.

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Financial Support and Scholarships

ACORN members receive financial support in gaining essential industry-based qualifications to ensure best practice and patient safety. Industry-based financial support includes:

  • A full scholarship for the Bravura Laser Safety Officer (LSO) education course
  • 15% discount on Medcast Advanced Life Support (ALS) course registration fee
  • 15% discount on Medcast Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course registration fee

Education grants are awarded to further the education and continual professional development of perioperative nurses across Australia. These grants can be used towards tuition fees for post graduate studies, industry-based qualifications, or perioperative speciality area education event registration. The area of study must be directly related to the advancement of safe and high-quality perioperative nursing in Australia.

See the Financial support and scholarships page of our Education section for application forms and details.

Each year ACORN receives applications for research funding from members. Research into perioperative practice strengthens and advances our practice and patient safety. Whether you are a researcher or not, this important activity advances our knowledge in Australia and recognition in other countries.

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According to ACORN members (Education survey 2021 and 2022), the Journal of Perioperative Nursing in Australia is our number one-member benefit. The journal provides current research, education, and articles to enhance the perioperative professional’s development and engagement.

ACORN believes that every perioperative nurse should have access to Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia.

The New ACORN Standards for Individuals is inclusive to ACORN members.

Access Standards for Individuals via the Member Jungle app on your preferred iOS or android device.

The monthly e-newsletter keeps members update to date with current perioperative news, events, education, standards, job vacancies, local associations and new initiatives.

Sent to members on the 1st of the month except January. Check your email accounts, junk mail or email to subscribe.


The biennial ACORN Conference is a highlight in the professional calendar for all as is the alternative year hosted Perioperative Leadership Summit (PLS) for perioperative leaders and decision makers (middle and senior management). The events provide an opportunity to network, share, and learn. Members receive a substantial discount to attend or can apply for a scholarship.

We also celebrate International PeriAnaesthesia Nurses Week (IPAW) in February and Perioperative Nurses Week (PNW) in October. 

ACORN members have the opportunity of being involved in several speciality area Special Interest Groups  (SIGs). Networking, collaboration, and focused groups are created to enhance, support, and drive positive change and advanced perioperative nursing in the Australian healthcare system.

More information about SIGs 

  • ANZCA collaboration on each college’s standards, guidelines, and professional documents
  • Representation at CONNMO
  • Representation at Peak Nursing groups
  • Direct work with ASQHS, ANMF and Standards Australia
  • Media engagement on perioperative issues
  • ACORN position statements

Other Benefits

ACORN Fellows are special members who have made a significant contribution to the goals of the College and perioperative nursing or demonstrated professional excellence. This recognition is important as it celebrates and provides awareness of perioperative nurses as professionals.

For more details about ACORN Fellows


Excellence in Perioperative Nursing (EiPN) awards are presented to ACORN members who have made an outstanding contribution to perioperative nursing. An EiPN award is presented in the following three categories – Individual, Novice and Team.

For more details about the EiPN awards


During International PeriAnaesthesia Nurses Week in February, the ACORN G.A.S. awards highlight those who advocate for not only our patients, but for our future perianaesthesia profession. They are Guiding to novice nurses, they are Approachable to colleagues, patients, and visitors, and have a Special gift of seeing the unseen.

For more information about the G.A.S. awards


During Perioperative Nurses Week in October the ACORN G.L.U.E. awards acknowledging a special nurse who keeps the team together ‘like glue’. They are Genuine, they make you Laugh, they are Unique, and above all, show Empathy.

For more information about the G.L.U.E awards

PII is available to ACORN members through a partnership with Guild Insurance, insurance partners of several AHPRA peak bodies and insurer to their members.

For more information

ACORN members receive a 10% discount on all Wellness Footwear shoes, compression socks and other work-related items.

ACORN members are eligible to join the QANTAS Club, ACORN Corporate Membership, at a discounted fee and receive associated benefits.

Refer to your relevant association to find out the benefits of being a member.

Check out your local association