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ACORN members can be involved and represented in the decision-making processes of the College through our committees.

Committee work provides many benefits, and experience at the committee level may lead to being considered for election as an ACORN director in the future. Being part of a committee can help you

  • network with other perioperative professionals across Australia
  • gain valuable committee and management experience
  • understand how the ACORN board functions.

ACORN committees meet once a month or every two months. Meetings are in the evening and held via the internet at a time that suits all participants. Committee members also undertake some work between meetings to help meet the committee’s objectives.

We are grateful to all our members who have volunteered their time and expertise to serve on these committees. To see the lists of committee members click here.

We encourage you to nominate for one of our committees.

ACORN committees

  1. Censor Panel (chaired by Ruth Melville)
  2. Research Committee (chaired Dr Brigid Gillespie)

Committee terms of reference (TOR)

To see the TOR for these committees.

Censor Panel TOR

Research Committee TOR

Active ACORN members have made the College what it is today. Your contribution will make ACORN what it is in the future.