Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia

Acorn-Standards_vol-1and2-coverThe Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN)'s vision is for Australian patients to receive the safest and highest quality perioperative care in the world. Upholding standards for practice define us as a community of perioperative nursing professionals dedicated to providing excellent care.

The ACORN Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia (the Standards) constitute the specialty knowledge of the perioperative nursing community in Australia and represent the accepted standard for professional perioperative nursing practice. Individual standards are regularly reviewed and updated. ACORN's Standards Manager manages the ACORN Standards under the instruction of the ACORN board and the direction of the National Leadership Group and ACORN Chief Executive Officer. 

On 29 May 2020 ACORN launched the 16th edition of the Standards. The ACORN Standards are no longer available in hard copy. This new edition is only available by e-subscription. It supercedes the previous 15th edition published in 2018 which is now retired. If you have an existing subscription we are hopeful your transition has been seamless and you should automatically be able to access the new 16th edition. New subscribers on or after 29 May 2020 will automatically have access to the 16th edition. 

ACORN is always looking to build upon and improve the Standards as well as improving their use by perioperative nurses. Please provide ACORN with your feedback here. 

Electonic subscriptions to the Standards can be purchased online via ACORN's online shop

For up-to-date insights and information regarding implementation of these new standards and some of their unique, new features please continue to watch ACORN's social media presence over the next few weeks.

Cath Murphy

ACORN Standards Manager

29 May 2020