ACORN's Clinical team question service is temporarily suspended

Please be aware that from 18th December 2020 until 7th February 2021 the ACORN standards question service is suspended due to extended staff holidays.

After the 8th of February 2021 you will again be able to submit a question if it relates to the ACORN Standards. 

ACORN's Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia are voluntary documents that set out specifications, procedures and guidelines that aim to ensure products, services, and systems used in perioperative nursing are safe, consistent, and reliable. Although ACORN works directly with its members to develop perioperative nursing standards, ACORN is not responsible for enforcing, regulating or certifying compliance with those standards.

ACORN's clinical staff field questions only about the content of specific existing ACORN standards which cover clinical and professional practice.

Before contacting ACORN's clinical staff please check the Standards FAQs webpage to see if an answer has already been provided. Before submitting your question:

  • Please check any local, state/territory or national pieces of guidance that apply. These types of guidance always take precedence over the ACORN Standards
  • You will need to be able to cite the specific ACORN standard by title and provide clear detail of the section of that standard that relates to your question. This may require a subscription to the ACORN Standards which can be purchased at Until that information is provided your question cannot be submitted
  • You should receive an immediate email acknowledging your submission
  • Typically you should get a response from ACORN's Standards Manager within two weeks depending on what is needed to adequately respond to your submission

From this page, you can also report an issue with a Standards document, e.g. typographical error, numbering sequence out of order, reference omission, glossary term requiring updating, and give feedback about ACORN's Roadmap Project. Please follow the online submission form instructions.

ACORN's administration team can usually solve questions about pricing, subscriptions and accessing the ACORN Standards You can contact the admin team at 

Please do not submit any clinical or professional practice questions to the admin team.

Please note that neither ACORN's clinical, professional nor admin staff provide research assistance for assignments.

Thank you for contributing to ACORN and the Australian perioperative community.