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Strategic plan


Our work is to advocate for safe, quality perioperative care for every patient on every occasion.


When our work is done, we will have delivered safe, quality perioperative care that protects the health and wellbeing of every patient and nurse.


As we work, we are committed to:

  • collaboration
  • excellence
  • communication
  • innovation.

Strategy and implementation plan 2022–2025

In 2022, a consultant, Randall Pearce of THINK: Insight & Advice Pty Ltd, was engaged to design and facilitate a plan for the next stage of the College's growth. 

Following a review of performance against the previous strategic plan, consideration of responses to a member survey and interviews with key stakeholders, ACORN directors and Chief Executive Officer participated in a facilitated workshop to develop the 2022–2025 strategic plan.

Five strategic goals were identified:

  1. ensure perioperative safety and quality through standard setting
  2. develop nursing leaders and voices in support of perioperative nurses
  3. support nurse health and wellbeing and advocate to reduce workforce pressures
  4. strengthen ACORN as a national nursing college
  5. maintain high professional standing of perioperative nurses.

Thank you to the members of the ACORN board and staff who served as members of the Strategic Planning Group: ACORN Board Chair, Jessica Pougnault; ACORN directors Tarryn Armour, Sophie Ehrlich, Veronica Hill, Caroline Johnson, Alison Schofield, Kylie Stopp; and ACORN CEO, Rebecca East.

ACORN Strategic plan 2022–2025: Reset for the future