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Advocacy enquiry
Sep 16

Advocacy enquiry

Date & Time
16 September 2020 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Date: Wednesday 16th September 2020
Time:  5.30pm AEST
5.00pm SA   |   5.30pm QLD   |   5.00pm NT   |   3.30pm WA

Advocacy enquiry is a tool for providing feedback to participants in any form of education such as simulation, preceptoring or debriefing.
Advocacy enquiring works by including and applying a complete combination of the following components: 
intentionality: an action to be performed
forethought: an anticipation of the consequences of decisions made; not only for our self, yet also for the environment and others.
self-reactiveness: self-esteem and the expected attainability of tasks are the drivers for choices learners make
self-reflectiveness: review of personal values and goals for the long term
The facilitator builds an environment wherein participants feel safe to share their observations, feelings and reflections. The strategy reiterates the basic assumption that everyone is an intelligent being who wants what is best for patients, self and colleagues. It reviews the ground rules of confidentiality and abstention of criticism.
Conversations are structured in such a way that participants become clearer about their responsibilities, grow communication skills, master coping skills and become confident to act timely in times of crisis.
Ultimately, the participant is supported and promoted to develop self-directed learning and to control their own behaviour.
The facilitator is to be a 'cognitive detective' who attempts to discover, by enquiry, what participants’ frames of knowledge, feelings and assumptions are.
Presented by Michael Visser who provides a support service to perianaesthetic clinicians to facilitate the application of specific knowledge, clinical skills and behavioural attributes in the clinical setting. He serves nursing, medical and physio students. In addition, medical residents. He uses ACORN, ANZCA and NSQHS governance documents to ensure he meets with relevant standards.
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