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A historical perspective on technological advancements in the operating theatre
Nov 11

A historical perspective on technological advancements in the operating theatre

Date & Time
11 November 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Date: Wednesday 11 November 2020
Time:  12.00 pm AEDT
11.30 am SA   |   11.00 am QLD   |   10.30 am NT   |   9.00 am WA

A historical perspective on technological advancements in the operating theatre and the impact on perioperative nursing roles – past, present and future
Perioperative nurses work in highly technologically focused environments and constantly need to modify their practices to meet the demands of new equipment, evolving technology and procedures. By understanding the history of perioperative nursing roles and the impact of technological advancements on these roles, insight can be gained into the evolution of perioperative nursing roles into the future. 
Presentation Objectives
1. Provide an overview of the past
Influence of Florence Nightingale in recognizing perioperative nursing as a speciality
Increasing focus placed on the technical aspects of perioperative nursing
An ensuing (and intensifying) debate about perioperative nursing as a purely technical skill and not a genuine nursing specialty, e.g., potentially incompatible with nursing ‘care’
The decline in the prestige of the speciality as perioperative nurses stereotyped as merely technicians. 
2. Acknowledge the Present
The ‘crossroads’ of perioperative nursing in the early 21st century
Efforts of specialty organisations e.g., ACORN to re-establish the profession
The evolution of ‘Operating Room’ nurses into ‘Perioperative’ Nurses. 
Positive changes e.g., Australian nursing curricula, industry standards, global networking
Examples of increasingly complex technology 
Negative impact e.g., technology stress
3. Foreshadow Future Possibilities
Examples of emerging technology
Scope to evolve specialist perioperative nursing roles e.g., nurse practitioners, surgical assistants, endoscopists, cystoscopists, sedationists, aesthetic nurses in response 
Associated challenges 
Need for continuing consultation and dialogue to address changes
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