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An anaesthesia approach to Aerosol Generating Procedures – Risks & Advanced Respirators

31st July 2020

A webinar to address the safety challenges in the anaesthetic environment of COVID-19 and the impact on patient optimisation. Clinical Associate Professor Paul Stewart, who has over 30 years in anaesthesia will provide an insight and overview of ground zero realities in the realms of the anaesthesia. In addition, Clinical associate Professor Paul Stewart and Dr. Ken Loi will also address the collaborative role and teamwork of surgeons and anaesthetists in optimising patient outcomes. With PPE becoming an importance resource Mark Reggers, 3M’s Senior Application Engineer will also join Dr Ken Loi to highlight the practical aspects of PPE utilization in prioritizing personal safety whilst navigating the surgical climate of patients with COVID-19. Our world is currently facing an unprecedented healthcare crisis caused by a fast-changing pandemic with the emergence of COVID-19. The educational context and approach are to understand both patient and healthcare staff safety in the changing landscape of the perioperative environment. As a follow on from part 1 of the COVID-19 webinar series, the aim is to highlight the anaesthesia perspective and safety relating to the risks and prevention of COVID-19 transmission.


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