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14th January 2020

Throughout the year, we want to draw attention to the greater role that nurses and midwives can play as part of multi-disciplinary health care teams, providing high quality, patient-centred health care. We will make the case that investment in and support for nursing and midwifery leads to a system-wide transformation in the delivery of health care and is the most cost-effective way for countries to improve health, promote gender equality and support economic growth. We want to shape a future for our professions where we have more nurses and midwives in leadership positions and greater access to quality training and improved working conditions.

As a result of united advocacy efforts, our goal is for governments and health leaders to prioritise nursing and midwifery through policy change and commitments.

2020 is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on what perioperative nurses do. In Australia, we need to make a solid case to government leaders to invest in our profession. 

It is essential that we unite to raise the profile and status of perioperative nursing throughout the year. We want to ensure greater opportunity for training and encourage more nurses into leadership positions, and ensure that nurses around the world have access to quality education and improved working conditions. This is our year so let’s make the most of it.

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