International volunteer and teaching grant

ACORN wishes to support its members and the broader perioperative community, by offering financial support for members who are intending to do voluntary work or teach perioperative nursing skills overseas.

If you are an ACORN member who intends to travel overseas to do voluntary work or teach you may be eligible to apply for the ACORN International volunteer and teaching (IV&T) grant to assist with travel costs.

Applications for this grant open on 1 March and 1 September and close on 31 May and 30 November, respectively.

Applications will be assessed in June and December and applicants will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible.

How much is the grant?

Every year ACORN offers two of these grants of up to $1250 each to cover costs directly associated with traveling to participate in volunteer work or teaching.

ACORN will also provide successful applicants with:

  • a current copy of Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia

  • a subscription to Journal of Perioperative Nursing

  • a copy of the Surgical hand antisepsis, gowning and gloving DVD.

Who can apply?

If you are a practising perioperative nurse and a current ACORN member and have been a member continuously for at least two years you are eligible to apply. However, if you have received an ACORN IV&T grant in the last three years you will not be eligible to receive the grant.

If your application is successful:

  • you must submit a report about the funded activity no later than eight weeks after returning from overseas. The report may be up to 1500 words and photos may be included. At the discretion of the Journal Committee, the report may be published in the Journal of Perioperative Nursing and/or on the website.

  • you must agree to acknowledge the financial support awarded by ACORN at appropriate times e.g. at the beginning of a presentation

  • you must agree to have your name and state published in the journal and/or on the ACORN website.

When considering an application, ACORN will take the following into account:

  • the nature of the intended volunteer work or teaching

  • any grants previously made to an applicant

  • the applicant’s aims and objectives.

How to apply

Complete the application form online and submit it by 31 May or 30 November. Applications will be assessed in June and December and applicants will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible.

You must also submit evidence of affiliation with the volunteer group or organisation you will be working for with your application.

The ACORN board wishes you every success in regards to your application but would like to remind you to explore all other possible sources of financial assistance.

Financial assistance to attend an educational event is granted, at the discretion of the ACORN board and no correspondence will be entered into.