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Judith Cornell Orator nomination guidelines

Nominations for the 2024 Judith Cornell Orator open on 1 June 2023.

The Judith Cornell Oration is a biennial event initiated by ACORN in 2002. It is intended to serve as an occasion of celebration for the achievements of Australian perioperative nurses and to allow future visions to be shared.

Orators are distinguished perioperative nurses who, throughout their careers, have made a significant contribution to advancing perioperative nursing in Australia.

The oration will be held at the opening session of the 2024 ACORN Conference.

The appointment is one of high profile recognition with no monetary value. The orator will receive a personal medallion.

The orator shall also be entitled to complimentary registration, flights to the conference and two nights complimentary accommodation at the conference.

Nominations must reach the ACORN office by 31 October 2023.

Nomination process

State or territory perioperative nursing associations nominate candidates via a letter from the association's president. The letter must:

  • be received by the ACORN office no later than 31 October in the year preceding the national conference for consideration at the following board meeting
  • include details of the outstanding contribution the nominee has made to perioperative nursing
  • address the selection criteria.

Selection criteria

The nominee must have current full membership of their state or territory perioperative nursing association.

The orator must demonstrate:

  • active involvement in perioperative nursing

  • leadership in perioperative nursing

  • promotion of ACORN Standards and other ACORN activities

  • involvement in evidence-based research that supports, modifies and updates the ACORN Standards

  • involvement in broadening ACORN's membership base to include all nurses who practice perioperative procedures

  • ability to promote perioperative nursing that enhances recruitment to the specialty

  • a period of outstanding contribution at state, national or international level.


The successful nominee will be contacted personally by the ACORN board chair and receive a letter from the ACORN office formalising the invitation to give the Judith Cornell Oration and advising of details relating to the timing of the oration, accommodation and airfares provided.