Keynote speakers

Mary ChiarellaMary Chiarella, PhD, LLB (Hons), RN, RM, is Professor of Nursing at the Susan Wakil School of Nursing, University of Sydney. She was a founding member of the Australian Bioethics Association and the Australian Institute for Health, Law and Ethics, was chair of the Advanced Care Planning Committee for NSW Health and is currently a member of the Clinical Ethics Advisory Panel for NSW Health.

Mary has provided professional expertise to many organisations including Justice Health and NSW Law Reform Commission, NSW Nurses and Midwives Board, Nurses and Midwives Board of Australia and Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council. She was also a ministerial appointment to the NSW Quality Council, a board member of the NSW Institute for Clinical Excellence, a former co-chair of the Clinical Council for the Clinical Excellence Commission and one of the federal minister for health’s three independent members on the Board of Health Workforce Australia.

Mary has undertaken projects for World Health Organization including a global review of nurse-led models of primary health care, a review of policy and leadership in primary health care and policy development related to MDG 5. In 2015 she undertook a review of the Nurses Act and developed a professional practice framework for nurses and midwives for the Tongan Ministry of Health in 2018. 

In June 2019 Mary was awarded an AM for significant contributions to nursing and midwifery education and health care standards.


John ClarkeDr John Clarke has a PhD in Psychology and consults for corporations experiencing problems with a suspected workplace psychopath. He is the author of three books Touched by the Devil (with Andy Shea), Working with Monsters and Pocket Psycho, and is currently writing a fourth, Living with Psychopaths. Dr Clarke has commented on workplace psychopaths and related topics in many radio and television programs, including CatalystThe Today Show and Today Tonight, as well as for documentaries on forensic psychology. He has also provided his expert opinion on radio and in print media including Sydney Morning HeraldCourier MailHR MonthlyAustralian Financial ReviewBoss and Company Director Magazine.

Dr Clarke has done extensive research looking at psychopaths in the workplace as well as criminal profiling, serial killers, serial rape, animal cruelty offenders, domestic violence and sexual homicide crime scene analysis. He has also consulted for the NSW Police in developing offender profiles for homicide (sexual and non-sexual), child abuse, paedophilia, stalking and serial sexual assault cases. 

Dr Clarke has lectured on psychopaths in the workplace, criminal profiling and criminal psychology at the University of Sydney and for government departments, charities, corporations, professional bodies and training organisations including Diversity NSW, Institute of Internal Auditors, Diabetes Australia, Department of Defence, NSW Police Service, WA Police and the RSPCA.


Dr Jordan Nguyen - Width:200Jordan is Founder and CEO of Psykinetic, a start-up social business aimed at creating futuristic, inclusive and empowering technologies to improve independence and quality of life. Currently focusing on disability and aged care, Jordan and his team have successfully created a mind-controlled wheelchair, virtual and augmented reality rehabilitation, devices that make it possible to control household appliances or even drive cars using only the tiny electrical signals created from eye movements and inclusive gaming, an instrument that enabled a friend with cerebral palsy to play music with her eyes.

Jordan is a passionate ambassador for STEAM education, adaptable mindsets and big-picture thinking. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, Diploma in Engineering Practice,and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Technology Sydney. He has taught university engineering master’s students in Artificial Intelligence design and Biomedical instrumentation, and has supervised many research students. He believes our young generations are the change-makers of tomorrow and have the potential to create solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

Jordan is also an award-winning documentary maker and presenter and has collaborated with Australian and international production companies to create a number of TV documentaries including ‘Becoming Superhuman’, ‘Meet the Avatars’ and ‘China 2049’. He recently founded his own media company, Time-Captain Productions.

Gail ObrienProfessor Chris O’Brien AO was one of Australia's leading head and neck cancer surgeons when he was diagnosed with the most lethal form of brain cancer in 2006. Chris died in 2009 and was honoured with a State Funeral. But in those intervening years, he transformed his illness into national opportunity by using his professional reputation and personal experiences to advocate more forcefully for better cancer care. 

Chris envisioned a not-for-profit comprehensive, integrated cancer treatment centre that places the patient at the centre of everything it does. Today, that vision is realised in Sydney’s Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. 

Gail O’Brien AO is a health professional of 40 years and trained physiotherapist. Since her husband’s death, she has taken on his legacy as the steward of the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse vision. She is the centre’s Patient Advocate, an Executive Director, and a prominent spokesperson for patient-centred, holistic and integrated health care.

In telling the story of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse – its background, inception and evolution to the current day – Gail will speak to the lessons learned from her husband’s illness, and how they are harnessed at his namesake. By enshrining empathy, compassion and an experiential understanding of the cancer patient’s journey into its culture and operations, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse strives to be a place of healing, as well as curing.

Craig ReucasselCraig Reucassel is an Australian writer and comedian who is best known for his work with The Chaser.

Over the years Craig has written and appeared in a swathe of TV programs including The Election ChaserCNNNNThe Chaser’s War on EverythingYesWe CanberraThe Hamster WheelThe Unbelievable TruthBalls of SteelThe Chaser’s Media Circus and The Chaser’s Election Desk. Most recently he’s appeared on ABC in the satirical consumer affairs show The Checkout and as the host of The War on Waste.

Craig has also co-hosted the Triple J shows Today TodayBloody Sunday and The Race Race with fellow Chaser Chris Taylor. He has also performed in David Williamson’s Jack of Hearts and Tim Firth’s Neville’s Island at The Ensemble theatre.