Local associations

ACORN’s work is supported by seven state and territory perioperative nursing associations (the ‘local associations’ or LAs). While each of the associations retains its own integrity and independence, together we find strength in unity to provide professional leadership in perioperative practice and the advancement of safe, quality perioperative nursing care for Australians.

All financial members of Australian state and territory perioperative nursing associations are automatically full members of ACORN.

To become a full member of ACORN, join the perioperative nursing association in your state or territory.

The state and territory perioperative nursing associations are:

New South Wales Operating Theatre Association Inc. (NSW OTA)

 join NSW OTA

Northern Territory Perioperative Nurses Association Incorporated (NTPNA)

 join NTPNA

ACORN Queensland Inc. (ACORN Queensland)

 join ACORN Queensland

South Australian Perioperative Nurses Association Inc. (SAPNA)

 join SAPNA

ACORN Tasmania (ACORN Tasmania)

join ACORN Tasmania

Victorian Perioperative Nurses Group (VPNG)

 join VPNG

ACORN Western Australia (ACORN WA)

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