Perioperative Mentorship Program

Applications for 2023 are now closed.

Applications open: 1 February 2023 and close: Friday 10 March 2023.

Please ensure that you include your HSO Letter of Support with your application. This is located at the bottom of this page.


In the interest of workforce development, succession planning and professional development, the ACORN Perioperative Mentorship Program (PMP) utilises the expert knowledge, skills, and experience of Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw, and supports the transference of this knowledge and experience to perioperative nurse leaders. The program of implementation is a 5-month ‘Leading in the innovative age mentoring program’.


The overarching objectives for the implementation of a formalised PMP through the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) include:

  • Provision of positive role models
  • Provision of a framework for positive interaction between mentees
  • Development of emerging leaders and career development
  • Innovative leadership within perioperative environment
  • Promotion of diversity and understanding of perioperative cultural evolution
  • Retention by transference of perioperative industry specific experiential knowledge
  • Positive representation of ACORN organisation

Key development areas

The program develops perioperative nursing leaders in the following ways.

  1. To shift mindset. The result is to a preparedness to think differently and to constantly look for new ideas and opportunities for creating value.
  2. To evolve practice. The result is a preparedness to act on new ideas to produce outcomes that continuously move the organisation forward either in small steps or large leaps.
  3. To create engagement. The result is that teams go on the journey together.

(Leading in the innovation age mentoring program, Yashin-Shaw)

Alignment with ACORN Mission and Values

“Our work is to advance safe, quality perioperative nursing care for Australians.”

The ACORN values of collaboration, excellence, communication, and innovation are all encapsulated within the PMP. The objectives (set out above) are underpinned and align with these ACORN values. The PMP aims to improve excellence and communication through collaboration with positive role models in a supported and structured environment. By implementing this program virtually, ACORN is providing access and opportunities for members, that would otherwise be unable to participate. This may be due to restraints in time, schedules, logistics, or location. The mission of advancing safe, quality perioperative nursing care for Australians is achieved through innovative perioperative leadership, expert advice in the implementation of change in a dynamic healthcare environment, and creation of a cyclical culture of positive perioperative leadership within the Australian hospital setting.

About the participants

Each program will accept participant numbers of 15 people per intake. Participants will be selected based on the application submitted via the ACORN website by a review panel of ACORN staff. Participants will be accepted from all states and territories across Australia, and remote/rural applicants are encouraged.


Attributes of a good mentee:

  • Drive to succeed
  • Consistently positive attitude
  • Good time management skills
  • Shows initiative
  • Clear communication skills
  • Open to learning and new perspectives


Benefits of being a mentee:

  • Learn the perioperative environment culture and evolution
  • Expert knowledge and experience from a world-leading mentor
  • Enhance skill development
  • Networking opportunities
  • Development of alternate methods of problem solving
  • Accumulation of experiential knowledge from peers



There are two options of pricing for the Perioperative Mentorship Program (PMP). As future perioperative leaders and mentors, there is the option to bundle your PMP registration with the 2023 Perioperative Leadership Summit (PLS) as a package deal. PMP members receive a significant discount on the 2023 Perioperative Leadership Summit registration when bundled together. Please select your registration option in your application in the fields provided. For more information about the 2023 Perioperative Leadership Summit, stay tuned to ACORN socials and the ACORN website.

PMP registration only - $2,900

PMP and PLS registration bundle - $3,800

ACORN offers a payment plan for the Perioperative Mentorship Program to self-funded participants. The payment [credit card only] can be made over four (4) installments with the full amount to be paid by 31 May 2023. Your full amount must be paid by this date to continue in the PMP, and to receive a certificate of completion. Please contact to arrange a payment plan.

Application process

All applications will be submitted via the ACORN website using the application portal.


The PMP requires the participant’s health service organisation of employment to support the professional development and engagement with the mentorship program to provide the optimal opportunity for maximum impact. Each participant must include the attached ‘HSO Letter of Support’ with their application. Those participants who have not included the ‘HSO Letter of Support’ will not be considered.

PMP 2023 HSO Letter of Support