Perioperative Nurses Week 2019

Honour a colleague by nominating them to be the Champion of Perioperative Nursing in 2019!

To celebrate Perioperative Nurses Week this year, join us in honouring the many champions among our profession.

The #PNWChamp will win registration to the ACORN 2020 conference, plus a $200 debit card, to spend how they please. 

ACORN and the state and territory perioperative nursing associations want you to nominate a colleague who may have:

  • done something exceptional for their team or patient

  • been a champ all year, demonstrating exceptionally high standards of perioperative care

  • recently begun their career as a perioperative nurse and had an amazing start putting their learning into practice

  • demonstrated a commitment to ongoing learning and shared the information and ideas for improvement with their workplace and team.

Nominate now!

Nominate a colleague on Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #PNWChamp.

You must include a picture of them, plus a sentence explaining why they should win the Champion of Perioperative Nursing 2019 award and the fantastic prizes. Don't forget to ask permission to use their name and photo.

We’re so excited to see you celebrate each other’s achievements!

Terms and conditions
  1. The promoter of the Champion of Perioperative Nursing in 2019 competition is the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN).

  2. The nominee must be a current member of a state or territory perioperative nursing association and ACORN.

  3. The competition opens at 8.00 am on 28 September and closes at 7.00 pm 12 October.

  4. Nominations must be made either via Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #PNWChamp. Instagram nominations must be a public post. Facebook nominations must either be in the comments of an ACORN post or in another public post.

  5. The nominator must gain permission from the nominee to place the nomination and use the photo.

  6. A nominator can nominate more than one person, but each nomination must be in a separate post.

  7. The winner will be selected by the ACORN board, using the entry information.

  8. The ACORN board will obtain the winner's details from the nominator, and notify the winner by email.

  9. Entrants are responsible for any and all expenses that they incur in entering the competition and will not be reimbursed regardless of whether or not they win the competition.

  10. The winner’s photo will become the property of ACORN and may be used for promotional purposes.

  11. ACORN has the right to disqualify any entrants or entries where they reasonably suspect any unlawful or improper conduct, such as infringing a third party’s intellectual property rights, or if there has been a breach of the competition terms and conditions.

  12. ACORN will seek permission to retain the details of the nominators and nominees for further communication.

  13. The winner’s name will be published on social media no more than three weeks after the winner has been selected.

  14. The prize is a registration to the ACORN 2020 Conference and a VISA debit card of $200 value.

PNW poster

Promote perioperative nursing by displaying posters around your workplace.

Click here to download the A3 poster.

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PNW logo

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