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Perioperative Nurses Week 2023


Message to ACORN members from the Board of Directors

Perioperative Nurses Week is a time to reflect on the incredible impact each of you make in the world of health care. You are the unsung heroes of surgery, ensuring the seamless orchestration of procedures and the well-being of those under your care. However, your dedication to precision, care and patient well-being does not go unnoticed!

This week is a reminder to acknowledge not just the tasks you perform but the heart and passion you bring to your profession. Embrace this week as a celebration of your journey, your expertise and the positive impact you have on countless lives. Take a moment to recognise the strength that comes from unity within the perioperative nursing community.


In 2023, the theme was H.E.A.R.T.






Each day, Monday to Friday, focused on the topics above, and the week closed on Saturday, with the G.L.U.E. Awards and announcement of other winners.

The ACORN G.L.U.E. Awards acknowledge a special nurse who keeps the team together ‘like glue’. Colleagues who are genuine, make you laugh, are unique, and above all, show empathy.

These awards are proudly sponsored by Multigate.

Congratulations to the 2023 ACORN G.L.U.E. Awards winners