2019 Perioperative Leadership Summit

Theme, aims and objectives

Summit theme
Cultivating and nourishing world-class perioperative nurse leaders

Summit aims
To define the perioperative leadership capacity-building needs and shape the agenda for the next decade.

Summit objectives

  1. To understand the nature of leadership – styles, skills and attributes.
  2. To examine the unique role and function of nurse leadership in the perioperative environment.
  3. To describe leadership needs in the changing Australian healthcare landscape focussing on
    a. safety and quality
    b. the rise of the consumer and public transparency
    c. staffing and workforce development.
  4. To explore the role of a leader in supporting and protecting perioperative staff.
  5. Perioperative excellence and influence on the global stage.

Who should attend?

Current and emerging perioperative nurse leaders should attend this summit.

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