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Education program overview

Each day of the conference will have a range of presentations across three rooms to choose from, with topics covering new perioperative nursing research, quality improvement projects and the latest clinical updates and education activities.
On Thursday 28 November, the program starts at 8.00 am with the Welcome Ceremony and Judith Cornell Oration, this year given by the remarkable Phyllis Davis AM. Concurrent sessions will follow until 5.00 pm.
On Friday 29 November the incomparable Julia Baird opens the second day of the conference with her keynote address which will leave attendees feeling uplifted, motivated and ignited as they head into the days education sessions. Concurrent sessions across a range of clinical and research topics will continue throughout the day, ending at 5.00 pm leaving just enough time to get ready for the Gala dinner.
On Saturday 30 November, our final day of conference, concurrent sessions begin at 9.00 am with a keynote address and closing ceremony at 1.00 pm.

Speakers and topics

Phyllis Davis AM.jpg

  Phyllis Davis AM

 Judith Cornell Orator

From Trainee Enrolled Nurse at Royal Newcastle Hospital to Director of Nursing Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital Dubai Phyllis Davis has had an exciting and rewarding career. As Inaugural President of the Australian College of Operating Room Nurses (ACORN) Phyllis presided over the first Judith Cornell Oration, delivered by Judith Cornell. Phyllis has experience as an Instrument and Circulating Nurse, Project Coordinator with the Ministry of Health, Nursing Unit Manager and then Nurse Manager of the Randwick Campus Operating Suite prior to her move to Dubai.
For the last decade, Phyllis had worked with the Perioperative Nurses in Papua New Guinea providing support and assistance to the Papua New Guinea Perioperative Nurses Society. Phyllis received the ACORN Excellence in Perioperative Nursing Award in 2018 and later that year Phyllis received the Order of Australia in the General Division (AM) for services to nursing, nursing education, nursing leadership and nursing international relations.
julia baird headshot high res.jpg  
Dr Julia Baird
 Keynote speaker
Julia Baird is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author. Her writing has appeared in a range of publications including Newsweek, The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Guardian, the Good Weekend, The Sydney Morning Herald, the Sun-Herald, The Monthly, Time and Harpers' Bazaar, as well as hosting the weekly current affairs panel show The Drum for eleven years.
In her books, Julia continues to write with depth about life. Her book, Bright Shining: How grace changes everything follows the unforgettable, award-winning bestseller Phosphorescence, and her much-lauded biography of Queen Victoria was published in several countries and made one of the New York Times' critics best books of 2016.

Baird's PhD in history on female politicians and the media, formed the basis of her first book, Media Tarts: How the Australian Press Frames Female Politicians (2004).
John Mangos
John Mangos has been a familiar face on Australian television for the past 45 years. His career spanned more than 40 years in television news on the Nine Network, Seven and Skynews. He is currently a regular on Nine’s Today Extra program.
John began his career  with the Nine Network where his roles included general news, a three year stint in the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery Canberra, Chief Parliamentary Correspondent to the NSW Parliament, and three years as Nine’s Bureau Chief in the United States. He returned from the US to work with Graham Kennedy on Coast to Coast, 
anchored Ten’s Eyewitness News, and became the international reporter for Nine’s Midday Show, then hosted his own morning chat program for the Seven Network, At Home With John Mangos.

John currently runs his own strategic communications company where he works as a political advisor and media trainer to leading business and political figures.
Martine Beaumont
 Invited speaker
Martine Beaumont is the founder and CEO of Select Wellness & Select Counsellors. Martine's experiences operating Select Counsellors in the mental health space, in particular EAP, demonstrated to her the importance of early detection of potential issues and the power of wellbeing interventions. This lead her to founding Selct Wellness - expanding the concepts of assessments and tailored interventions to wellbeing at work.

Martine has a law degree and has worked her way up to c -suite roles during a ten year career in the reinsurance industry. After the birth of her two boys Martine left corporate life, undertook further post grad training in psychotherapy, couples therapy, executive coaching and counselling and has been in private practice for 15 years in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney specialising in relationships and emotional wellbeing.

Martine has appeared as an expert on Channel 7’s The Morning Show as well as being asked to contribute her opinion to various online and print media outlets and the book ‘A Girl’s Guide to Turning your Idea into a Business’.



(New presentations confirmed each week)


  • Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) – Prof. Dr Brigid Gillespie
  • Escape the Operating Room – Dr Michelle Freeling
  • Queensland Health Perioperative Transition Support Program (TSP) – Sonia Christison
  • The periop detect program: uniting and igniting excellence in perioperative care – Zoe Kumar and Pooja Bhusal
  • Uniting and igniting, building a stronger team – Jenny Cubitt
  • Empowering clinicians in the implementation of evidence-based perioperative hypothermia prevention strategies in Australia – Prof. Dr Jed Duff
  • Sustainability practices in the operating room – Sarah Ripley
  • Uniting and igniting the flame of teamwork in the most locked down city in the world – Melbourne, Australia – Charmayne Thompson
  • Revolutionising resuscitation: a new era of team-based training enhancing patient safety in perioperative care – Susie Helmrich
  • Uniting with artificial intelligence to ignite best practice care in the future – Nick Nijkamp and Erin Wakefield
  • Rebuilding from the ashes: uniting and igniting change at North Canberra Hospital post operating theatre fire – Renae Kathage
  • The surgical teams experience of communication regarding heat conservation measures – Ingrid Gustafsson
  • Uniting high performing perioperative teams – igniting the vital role of the nurse – Christina Foxwell and Elaina Mullery
  • A different way to unite and ignite a passion in perioperative nurses - Deborah Burrows
  • Uniting and not igniting: what are the essentials of a laser safety program and is yours focussed on the right places? – Elissa O'Keefe
  • Advancing perioperative nursing: uniting and igniting for enhanced care in Savaii Islands – Natasha Mamea
  • Integrating simulation-based training to cultivate unity and inspire excellence among operating room personnel in tertiary care settings in India: an educational proposal model for developing countries – Anita Kiruba Jeyakumar
  • Igniting the power of emotional intelligence improving bedside care – Erin Wakefield and Tara Rogers
  • Intraoperative nursing workforce: creating the next generation – Marlen Orsina
  • Uniting and igniting by a successful CSSD centralisation program – Nerrie Raddie and Lingesi Limarii