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Consultation period closes About ACORN's public comment process

A draft of every ACORN standard will be posted on the ACORN website for a 14-day public comment period.

Comments submitted and conforming to the requirements detailed below will be actioned as either Accept, Accept with modification or Reject.

The draft will be amended in collaboration with ACORN's Standards Officer and Education Manager. 

The final draft standard will be submitted to ACORN CEO, Rebecca East, for approval.

Viewing draft documents

Please view documents using a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser. You may experience display errors in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Submitting your feedback

ACORN's preferred method for receiving your feedback is by online survey. The survey will take around ten minutes and contains questions about the consultation documents.

Please do not submit your feedback as tracked changes in a copy of any draft standard or by email, as it is difficult to analyse feedback provided in this way.

When providing feedback, please reference the specific line number, section, sub-section item and/or page number.

If your feedback includes a suggested change or alternate or additional recommendations please suggest alternate phrasing, cite evidence to support your change and provide a rationale for your suggestion. Suggestions that do not include alternate phrasing, a rationale or a full cited reference will not be considered.  

Comments received after the published closing date will not be considered in the final review. Thank you for your consideration.

Questions about providing feedback

If you have any questions in relation to this consultation process please contact the ACORN Standards Officer.

Drafts open for consultation

ACORN is currently seeking feedback on the draft standards for Standards for Safe and Quality Care in the Perioperative Environment (SSQCPE) as they become ready for public comment. To respond please click the links below. 

Draft standard

Survey Monkey Link

Consultation period closes
Latex and Chlorhexidine Sensitivity Survey 5th December
Preoperative Patient Skin Antisepsis Survey 5th December
Surgical Safety Survey 6th December
Asepsis Survey 8th December


ACORN will not accept written submissions as feedback on this draft due to the difficulty of collating responses. However, if you wish to upload a file, such as a reference or other material to support your feedback, please complete this feedback file upload.