ACORN Standards' questions & feedback

In 2021 ACORN offers a revised clinical question submission service to our members and stakeholders who use the ACORN Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia. 

If your question or comment is about pricing, subscriptions or accessing the ACORN Standards, you should not use the submission form at the bottom of this page. Instead please contact the Administration team at this link. Please do not submit any clinical or professional practice questions or comments to the admin team. Instead, work your way through the steps outlined on this page before submitting your question using the online submission form below.

From this page, you can also report an issue with a Standards document, e.g. typographical error, numbering sequence out of order, reference omission, aged reference, glossary term requiring updating.

Before submitting a question about the ACORN Standards, we ask that you acknowledge the following essential points:

  • Make sure that you are reviewing the most current version of the ACORN Standards. That version is the 16th edition published by ACORN in May 2020. All previous versions are rescinded and replaced by the current edition.
  • ACORN develops its Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia using rigorous review of the best available research and other evidence in Australia and abroad.
  • The ACORN Standards provide a broad, over-arching framework which individuals and facilities are encouraged to use locally.
  • Individual standards are best practice at the time of revision.
  • ACORN works directly with its members to develop perioperative nursing standards.
  • ACORN is not responsible for enforcing, regulating or certifying compliance with the ACORN standards.
  • ACORN does not have resources to assist with research, assignments or development of local policies or guidelines.
  • ACORN cannot interpret or guide you individually about how your organisation applies the standards locally. Many factors will be specific to the context and facility in which you work. In particular, ACORN does not currently recommend specific perioperative staffing numbers or qualifications generally or within specific roles.
  • ACORN has developed two specific website pages that include questions and answers to previous enquiries about the ACORN Clinical Standards and the ACORN Professional Standards.
  • Please check existing local, state/ territory and national regulations, policies, guidelines and standards for guidance about your issue.
  • You may also wish to visit ACORN's Facebook Page, where ACORN has already answered many common questions.

ACORN also recommends visiting the websites of the professional and national organisations and agencies listed below. The following are links to websites ACORN routinely uses when developing and reviewing  the ACORN Standards:

State and territory government websites

Australian Capital Territory health

New South Wales Department of Health

Northern Territory Department of Health

Queensland Health

South Australian Department of Health

Tasmanian Department of Health

Department of Health and Human Services Victoria

Western Australian Department of Health

National professional  organisations and agencies

If after reviewing the sites above you still have a question or comment regarding a specific ACORN standard please:

Make a note of the:

  • log-in details you currently use to access the ACORN Standards
  • volume, page number and published title of the individual standard your question refers to in the current 16th edition of the ACORN Standards.

You will not be able to submit your question, comment without this information.

Please also keep in mind that:

  • If your question demonstrates that you have not accessed the current 16th edition of the ACORN Standards, you will be re-directed to purchasing access options.
  • You should receive an immediate email acknowledging your submission
  • Typically, you should get a response from ACORN's Standards Manager within two weeks, depending on what is needed to respond to your submission adequately.



Before submitting your question please make sure you have done the following:

accessed and checked the online 16th edition of the ACORN Standards published in 2020

reviewed the ACORN Standards FAQs page to determine if a similar question has previously been asked and answered

accessed and reviewed existing related:

  • local, state and national guidelines
  • state and national legislation
  • national safety and quality standards
  • national accreditation criteria
  • relevant Australian Standards
  • Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia guidance

Incomplete submissions will not be accepted and ACORN will not provide a response.

Submissions from persons without an individual or facility licenced subscription to the 16th  edition of the ACORN Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia (2020) will not be accepted and ACORN will not provide a response.