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Early registration is open

Registration fees

All fees are quoted in Australian dollars and include ten per cent goods and services tax (GST).

  Registration Price

Early registration
(before 28 September)


Early member* full registration


Early non-member full registration


Standard registration
(before 28 October)

Standard member* full registration


Standard non-member* full registration $1195
Late registration
(after 28 October)
Late member* full registration $1195
Late non-member* full registration $1295

Student registration**

Student registration (conference only)


Speaker and presenter registration

Member* speaker full registration $625
Non-member* speaker full registration $725
Speaker day registration (conference only) $250
Day registration

Member* day registration (conference only)


Non-member* day registration (conference only)


Member* day registration (including Thursday welcome reception and Friday conference dinner)


Non-member* day registration (including Thursday welcome reception and Friday conference dinner) $745
Welcome reception and conference dinner tickets Welcome reception ticket $100
Conference dinner ticket $190

*To be eligible for member rates you must be a member of ACORN. Find out about ACORN membership.

**If you are registering as a student please send a copy of your Student ID card to

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Full conference registration entitles you to:

  • admission to all conference sessions

  • admission to social events (welcome reception and conference dinner)

  • admission to the exhibition.

Gaining support for registration

Many travel and training budgets have been reduced which means that, regardless of the merits of a conference, you’ll need to justify the expense. Use the samples below to help you approach your supervisor for support to attend the conference.

Letter to supervisor: Sample 1 (Word doc.)

Letter to supervisor: Sample 2 (Word doc.)

Tips on justifying conference expenses

Here are some things to consider.

  • Focus on what you’ll specifically bring to your workplace as return for the investment. 

  • Offer to deliver a short presentation to your co-workers to share what you learnt. That way others in your unit will also benefit from your attendance. 

  • If you’re working to obtain or maintain your certification, remind your supervisor that this is a great way to earn contact hours and it's less expensive than registering for separate conferences and requires less time away from work than attending different events. 

  • Be ready with a plan that shows who could cover your shifts while you’re attending the conference.

  • Be sure to check out the various rates listed at the top of this page to see if you qualify for any of the lower rates or discounts.


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