Research grant

ACORN is committed to encouraging and supporting research into perioperative nursing practice. Through research, perioperative nurses can adopt best practice which is based on current evidence. Research takes time, commitment and funds so ACORN offers an annual research grant of up to $20 000.

If you are a master’s or doctorate research student, a member of a research team or a beginning researcher you are eligible to apply for the ACORN Research grant.

Applications for the 2020 Research grant open on 1 September 2019 and close on 31 January 2020.

The grant is available to: 

  • higher degree research students (master’s or doctoral level) 

  • beginning and experienced researchers 

  • research teams with 

    • at least one researcher who belongs to their local perioperative nursing association (A researcher may become a member in order to be eligible for the grant but must maintain membership for at least five years.) 

    • at least one researcher who is a beginning perioperative nurse researcher. 

Researchers who have previously been awarded an ACORN research grant are not eligible to apply for three years. 

The research topic must be directly related to perioperative nursing practice and ethics approval must be obtained prior to funding being allocated.

The grant will be paid into a designated grant account set up for that purpose. Half payment will be made on receipt of ethics approval documentation and the remainder will be paid midway through the project on receipt of a progress report and budget expenditure report. 

ACORN maintains the right to request a progress report and budget expenditure report every six months until the project is complete. 

ACORN will not claim intellectual property rights to the research; however, researchers will be required to: 

  • submit an article for publication in Journal of Perioperative Nursing 

  • present a paper based on the results at the next ACORN biennial conference (Costs associated with attending the conference must be included in the project budget.) 

  • acknowledge ACORN funding in all publications and presentations. (Permission must be sought from ACORN before using the ACORN logo on any article or presentation.)

The application form should be completed by the chief investigator. 

To download the 2020 Research grant application form, click here.

Please note: All applications must be made using the 2020 grant application form rather than earlier versions of the form.