Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia

Standards review process

The ACORN Standards review involves a rigorous, structured process managed by ACORN's Professional Standards Officer (PSO) and at the direction of the Standards Committee. 
The PSO maintains and supports a dedicated Standards Advisory Team (SAT). When a Standard is targetted for development or review a small group of Standard-specific SAT members are convened. Each Standard has one author and several co-authors each of whom has clearly defined individual responsibilities within the development or review process. Ideally each team will have members who collectively represent a variety of stakeholder perspectives, have complimentary knowledge and skill sets and are committed to progressing the standard development or review according to agree timelines and milestones. Historically ACORN standards have benefiited from input from academics, clinicians, educators, managers, researchers and managers. From time-to-time colleagues and peers from other professional and commercial organisations have also contributed to the development and review process.  
If you are an experienced Australian perioperative nurse or have specific experience and interest in a relevant settung and are interested in contributing to ACORN's Standards please contact us on Please note that all contributors must declare any conflicts of interest that may impact their decision-making. ACORN will make every effort to exclude input from conflicted parties. Committee members are also required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Standards Committee

  • Standards Chair (Trent Bachelor)
  • Desiree Bryant
  • Lilian Ghosh
  • Kasey Irwin
  • Jodie Hulm
  • Patricia Nicholson
  • Rachel Short

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