Review Teams Underway

We are off and running with four review teams: Skin Prep, Single Use Items, Reprocessing Reusable Items, and Patient Positioning. There are also six other review teams being established but waiting for the go ahead to get started. New this round are a few additional teams e.g. looking at archiving standards no longer relevant and responding to standards.queries

We are trialing a few different processes and tools this round, always aiming to improve the process in general. For example, we will be using electronic critical appraisal tools developed by AORN in the USA. So, please remember to provide feedback.

10 August 2017

Round 2 of standard reviews has started with 68 reviewers and 6 Team Leaders. The process for this round has undergone a few changes and we continue to trial new things. Firstly, all reviewers this round had access to a 2-webinar training program on 'introduction the the standards process' and 'introduction to critical appraisal'. Feedback from the group was that the resources were helpful and gave them an idea of where their skill sets were and what was expected. By now, team members are on the same page and getting on with the business of reviewing. We are also trialing some new software, called Covidence, to try and make the management of such large amounts of evidence more efficient and manageable. We'll let you know how we find it, but in the meantime, you might want to go to the site (google it) and watch the introductory video. It might be something members could use at their workplace when doing evidence based projects that involve searching the literature and appraising the evidence first.

14 Sep 2017.

The Standards Faculty has grown tremendously! Four new revisions have been added to our Current Review List: Quality Management, Risk Management, Role of the Instrument Nurse, and Perioperative Documentation. In addition, we are developing two new standards documents related to Perioperative Hypothermia and Digital Imaging.

While you're here, why not check out the 'new look' ACORN Standards pages. The site has been more user friendly with more information for our members about what the Standards Faculty is up to. We would love to hear feedback from you on what you think. Send comments and feedback about the Standards Page to