Workstream Teams

The ACORN Roadmap Project includes four workstream teams (WSTs). Each WST is focussing on a specific area relevant to improving implementation and adoption of the ACORN Standards. 

The WSTs are working and making recommendations to the National Leadership Group over the period June 2020 to September 2021. 

The four WSTs are:

  1. Business – chaired by Garry Stratton
  2. Clinical standards and the standard-setting process – chaired by Adj. Hon. Assoc. Prof. Cath Murphy
  3. Professional standards and training – chaired by Rachel Short
  4. Research – chaired by Assoc. Prof. Patricia Nicholson.

Business WST

The Business WST's objective is to increase the number of hospitals that subscribe to and abide by ACORN’s Standards for Perioperative Nursing by revitalising the business model used to promote and market them.


Garry StrattonGarry Stratton joined the board in April 2017 and was ACORN President from October 2019-May 2020. For the past six years, Garry has held the position of Clinical Nurse Manager of the perioperative unit at Calvary St Luke’s Hospital Launceston which specialises in orthopaedics, ear/nose/throat and oral surgery. He has 22 years of experience in the perioperative setting and is also an active member of ACORN Tasmania. 


Clinical standards and the standard-setting process WST

The Clinical WST is striving to remove barriers to the adoption of ACORN’s Standards by reviewing and refining the Standards and the processes used to set them.

ImageCath has been a nurse for almost 40 years having begun her first years as a registered nurse working in the perioperative setting as an instrument nurse, circulating nurse and an anaesthetic nurse. Cath's love of all things aseptic saw her transition to the fascinating world of infection prevention and control. As Australia's first PhD-qualified infection control nurse Cath completed an invited post-doctoral position at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Subsequently Cath has held senior paid positions in government and contributed to many of the early national infection control initiatives including the 2004 edition of the NHMRC Infection Control Guidelines and the 2010  NSQHS Standard 3 Preventing and Controlling Healthcare-Associated Infection. During the 2003 SARS outbreak Cath was an expert consultant to the WHO providing assessment, review and training of SARS prevention and management in China, Singapore, Manilla, Macau, Hong Kong and Malaysia. She has also served as an expert WHO consultant to the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. In 2010 Cath was the first Australian elected as President of the Association of Professional in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology (APIC). She compeleted 7 years of voluntraily service as an APIC Board member in 2013. In 2015 APIC awarded Cath the Carole de Mille Award for lifelong service and excellence to infection prevention and control. Cath is widely published and has held an honorary adjunct associate professor appointment at Bond University since 2004. 

Since late 2018 Cath has served ACORN as its Standards Manager where she managers the ACORN Standards, PATs and Roadmap Project portfolios. Cath is delighted that her nursing career will likely end back where she started; in perioperative nursing. 


Professional standards and training - WST

The Professional WST is aiming to establish ACORN’s Professional Standards as the recognised Practice Standards for perioperative nursing

Research WST

The goal of the Research WST's activity is to encourage the adoption of ACORN’s Standards for Perioperative Nursing by fortifying the evidence base which underpins them and ensuring the Standards meet the needs of users.